How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Innovation is difficult; it’s even more difficult when you don’t have the processes, people or culture of innovation to drive the success that shareholders expect from their investment.

Founded in 1920 and based in Sacramento, California, Blue Diamond Growers is the largest co-operative producer of Almonds on the planet. Their vision is to deliver the benefits of almonds to the world. The consumer division produces the Blue Diamond brands Snack Almonds, Nut-thins and Almond Breeze milk.

Almonds are a superfood; and consumers who seek plant-forward, healthier lifestyles have embraced the benefits of almonds. The market lead that Almond Breeze created, was driven in part by the business understanding the needs of niche consumers, in this instance lactose-intolerant consumers. This legacy created a natural fit for the approach Sense Worldwide takes to identifying future innovation opportunities at the edges of culture.

However, a growing business on the rising tide of plant-based consumer demand was attracting attention from larger competitive players. Blue Diamond needed to innovate to stay ahead of category innovations; and they needed to do it fast.

Within 18 weeks, the global talents of The Sense Network were harnessed. Sense Worldwide delivered an end to end innovation process of discovery, definition, design and development to create a robust, quantitatively tested five-year roadmap.

Nike: House Of Innovation

How might we create the most innovative direct to consumer experience in the world?

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Almond Breeze: Five Year Roadmap

How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Bupa: Designing for Future Customers

How might we leverage in-house analysis to develop a breakthrough proposition?

Pfizer: Nicorette Innovation Pipeline

How might we work more collaboratively to accelerate our speed of execution?

Blue Diamond: The Future of Almonds

How might we give the business foresight into future growth opportunities?

Barclays: The Future of Banking

How might we create the go-to retail bank of the future?

General Electric: The Future of Refrigerators

Extreme Consumers. How might we uncover our next competitive advantage?

Cambia Health: The Future of Healthcare

How might we become the champion of America’s Quality of Life?

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