What we do

Future-proof Innovation

Innovate with the crazy ones. Discover, define, design and develop transformative new-to-the-world innovations.

Business innovation is often incremental, but sometimes it must be transformative.

To survive, a business being disrupted needs a more radical innovation roadmap to secure future fortunes.

Harnessing the power of cognitive diversity, we make your future a reality. The Sense Network provides unique foresight, development expertise, and design skills. Together, we collaborate with you and your team to focus our Creative Intelligence:

  • How might we counter emerging disruptions?
  • Who are our future customers?
  • What can we create to capture future market share?

In twelve weeks we can bring to life a pipeline of breakthrough propositions for you. Innovation doesn’t get better or more enjoyable than this.

This is the best way to disrupt and lead your market.

The Sense Network is an amazing partner for us to find deeper insights and creative inspiration for our innovation pipeline. With the wonderful creative minds from diverse cultural contexts, we are able to get everything done within a short time period. It is a really efficient and effective tool for global brand development.

SVP Innovation, PepsiCo

This is ****ing cool. This is what dreams are made of for creative people.

Global Creative Director, Nike

Sense Worldwide leveraged their network of connected, progressive thinkers and doers to deliver a series of co-design events that allowed a dialogue between the corporate and the cool.

User Experience Director, Vodafone

Working with Sense Worldwide is seamless, it’s like having one team.

Managing Director, Strategy & Product Innovation, Experian

This is fricking awesome! Exactly what we are after! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and for such brilliant outputs.
This is an excellent piece of work.

Head of Strategy, BBH/ZAG

Pfizer: Nicorette Innovation Pipeline

How might we work more collaboratively to accelerate our speed of execution?



How might we innovate to create the next billion-dollar beverage brand?

3x Pepsi LIFE WTR bottles

Almond Breeze: Five Year Roadmap

How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Almond breeze products

Nike: House Of Innovation

How might we create the most innovative direct to consumer experience in the world?

Nike shop

Blue Diamond: The Future of Almonds

How might we give the business foresight into future growth opportunities?

The future of Almonds poster
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