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The cognitive diversity of this unique community helps innovative organizations to see things differently and think differently about the future.

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Meet a unique global community of 6,250+ creators, outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones

Cognitive diversity is academically proven to deliver breakthrough results

Since 1999, The Sense Network has been an on-demand source of cognitive diversity for innovative companies looking to deliver breakthrough results. The application of cognitive diversity in innovation is proven to mitigate risk. It provides innovators, senior leaders, brand marketers, and consumer insights teams with the vision and confidence to make creative leaps into the future.


“We can see a pattern that the most successful breakthrough innovation projects tend to have similar, visibly higher cognitive diversity scores.

The Sense Network contains a significantly larger proportion of rarer personality types when compared to that of the general population.”

Kamila Jasinska
Business Analytics
University College London


“Managers and focus groups are 55% more prone to major false negatives, undervaluing strong breakthrough ideas.

Creators are more open minded and can increase your accuracy, and the odds of betting on the best original innovations, by 65%.”

Adam Grant
Professor of Organizational Psychology Wharton School Pennsylvania University


“The opportunity to harness genius is all around you, but requires dramatic stretching of peripheral vision to bring the fringe into focus.”

Watts Wacker and Ryan Matthews
The Deviant’s Advantage

Who The Sense Network helps

Innovation Teams

Build breakthrough innovation pipelines that increase household penetration and grow brand revenues.

Build a Breakthrough Pipeline

Senior Leaders

Future-proof your organization, de-risk your innovation strategy and drive consistent breakthrough growth.

Future-proof your Organization

Brand Marketers

Challenge category conventions, develop distinctive brands and create products with purpose.

Disrupt your Brand’s Category

Consumer Insights Teams

Develop empathy for future consumer needs and identify culturally relevant opportunities for innovation.

Understand your Consumers

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