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Sense Supper Club Berlin

We recently collided liked-minded people from worlds unlike one another in our Berlin Sense Supper Club, co-hosted by Susie and Alex! Read on to find out how...

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Sense Supper Club Amsterdam

Last week saw the HQ team join long time Sensers, Hortense Koster and Ryan Tjin, as they co-hosted the first Sense Supper Club in Amsterdam. By Hortense...

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Sense Supper Club Stockholm

The Stockholm edition of Sense Supper Clubs collided liked-minded people from worlds unlike one another to share their work and side-projects and to...

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Robot Atta! – The Future Of Robot Experience Design

Before we start… in Japanese, the ‘Atta!’ exclamation is used when something has been finally found. Exploring the future of ‘Robot Experience...

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Sense Supper Club Mexico City

The first Sense Supper Club in Mexico City gathered like-minded people from different backgrounds and fields to share their projects, side-hustles and to speak...

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Felix Burghardt Amsterdam

Felix Burghardt; a book lover, daydreamer and Service & Experience Designer based in Amsterdam. Hey I'm... Felix I'm currently based in.. ...

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Sense Supper Club Barcelona

Find out how third culture kids, alien enthusiasts, artists and bot entrepreneurs all came together at this month’s Sense Supper Club in the beautiful...

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Ana La Rosa Barcelona

Ana La Rosa; a designer, illustrator, sustainability lover and foodie based in Barcelona. Hey I’m... Ana I’m currently based in... Barcelona,...

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Stylés Akira Los Angeles

Stylés Akira; a composer, designer, and writer from Los Angeles. Hey I'm... Stylés Akira I'm currently based in... Los Angeles, CA, USA I'm... ...

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Susie Kahlich Berlin

Susie Kahlich; a martial artist, art podcaster and astronomy lover from Berlin. Hey I'm... Susie Kahlich I'm currently based in... Berlin, Germany ...

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Emma Skipper London

Emma Skipper a maker of make believe Hey I'm... Emma Skipper I'm currently based in.. London, UK I'm... British And my day job is... Network...

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The Art Of Imagination: Watch The Winner Annouced!

We believe that innovation is driven by human ingenuity. We call this Creative Intelligence; the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination. The...

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