Who We Help

We deliver breakthrough results for leaders, losers, and disruptors. Stay ahead of the competition, regain fame and fortune, or change the game with The Sense Network.

Members of The Sense Network can be found outside of the mainstream. They are your eyes and ear for what the future holds.

Through the cognitive diversity they provide, we can help you find the breakthroughs that are currently hidden out of sight. You will collaborate with these extraordinary creators: outliers, misfits, rebels, and crazy ones, to deliver game-changing results.

Every organization has different in-house capabilities and partnership needs. Our agile workflows support teams at each stage of the strategy process and innovation journey.

The Sense Network lets you make decisions about the future with confidence; from identifying growth opportunities, to co-creating new brand propositions, and evaluating product prototypes.

Innovation Teams

We will partner with you to build breakthrough innovation pipelines that move the needle, build brand equity, increase household penetration, and grow revenues.

Build a breakthrough innovation pipeline

Senior Leaders

We will work alongside you and your leadership team to future-proof your organization, de-risk innovation strategies, and plan breakthrough growth.

Future-proof your organization

Brand Marketers

We will support your brand team to identify and challenge category conventions, develop distinctive brand propositions, and create brand experiences with purpose.

Disrupt your category and activate with purpose

Consumer Insights Teams

We will collaborate with you and your internal stakeholders to understand your future consumer needs and identify culturally relevant opportunities for brand innovation.

Understand your future consumer

HR and Team Leaders

We will partner with you to help your teams see things differently and think differently by harnessing their Creative Intelligence. Give your teams the confidence to take the leaps that make breakthrough results possible by fostering a breakthrough mindset.

Prepare your team for the future of work