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We will partner with you to help your teams see things differently and think differently by harnessing their Creative Intelligence. Give your teams the confidence to take the leaps that make breakthrough results possible by fostering a breakthrough mindset.

How we help

  • Online training
  • Training workshops
  • In-person training
  • Tailored training

Who else we help

You need imagination to make the creative leaps machines cannot

In a world disrupted by technology, it is more important than ever to ensure employees are prepared for the next era of work, beyond productivity. We continue to rely on a 200-year-old education system that teaches us to think in straight lines in a now redundant pursuit of efficiency. Machines are better at analytical thinking than humans, and the democratization of data means everyone has access to the same knowledge.

It is no longer what we know that will set us apart, but the creativity we apply in understanding, interpreting, and acting upon it.

Creative Intelligence is the uniquely human skill to understand, interpret, and act with imagination. When you master your Creative Intelligence you ask better questions that lead to the right insights. You translate data into impactful strategic recommendations. People listen to you because you communicate in ways that inspire and engage. You add value that cannot be replicated by a machine.

Why your organisation needs to foster a culture of Creative Intelligence

What You Will Learn

We train your team in a mindset, not a methodology. They come away with an understanding of the five key principles of Creative Intelligence. Able to implement these in their day-to-day lives, as well as deploy them on specific business challenges.

1. Expand Your Mind

2. Challenge Your Default

3. Seek Out Diverse Perspectives

4. Build Your Creative Confidence

5. Adopt An Experimental Mindset

Explore outside your boundaries to discover the future possibilities beyond your current view point

Reframe your business challenges and mix it up to see the world through a new lens

Harness the power of cognitive diversity to uncover, explore, and interpret the unknown unknowns

Learn to deal with the uncertainty of the future. Jump in and get comfortable with ambiguity

Test, learn, iterate. Stress test scenarios and develop your strategic responses to consumer shifts

How We Work

Everybody learns differently and every organization approaches training differently. That’s why we offer three tiers, so you can find the right solution to meet your teams’ specific needs.

  1. Self-directed: Members of your team get access to the online training course. Designed to help them develop their Creative Intelligence at their own pace. Ideal for teams working remotely with busy schedules who need a new approach to problem-solving.
  2. Team: A training workshop that guides your team through the curriculum as they tackle a live business challenge in new and creative ways. Ideal for tight-knit teams with a specific problem they need to overcome in a defined timeframe.
  3. Enterprise: 5 weeks of facilitated development modules designed to tackle your team’s specific needs, made real with relevant examples. Ideal for larger organizations that need a course tailored to their specific needs.

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