Innovation is driven by people with 
Creative Intelligence.

This is a uniquely human skill; the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination.

Often these people are outliers, misfits, rebels; the crazy ones. You might be one too. Since 1999, we have built a home for these extraordinary individuals.

The Sense Network. The home of Creative Intelligence.

Your future can be found here. We understand the future because we already live there; with the people who create it, The Sense Network. This is the power of cognitive diversity, at scale.

We apply Creative Intelligence from The Sense Network to innovation challenges. We collaborate, to make things better and make better things, for people, planet and business.


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Nike: House Of Innovation

How might we create the most innovative direct to consumer experience in the world?

Sonos: The Future of Voice Control

If we can't outspend Amazon, Google and Apple how might we out-think them?

Converse: The Chuck II

How might we innovate to make the world's best-selling sneaker better?

PepsiCo: LifeWTR

How might we innovate to create the next billion-dollar beverage brand?

Almond Breeze: Five Year Roadmap

How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Kellogg’s: Redefining Sexy

How might we better understand the meaning of sexy?

Bupa: Designing for Future Customers

How might we leverage in-house analysis to develop a breakthrough proposition?

Pfizer: Nicorette Innovation Pipeline

How might we work more collaboratively to accelerate our speed of execution?

Blue Diamond: The Future of Almonds

How might we give the business foresight into future growth opportunities?

Barclays: The Future of Banking

How might we create the go-to retail bank of the future?

General Electric: The Future of Refrigerators

Extreme Consumers. How might we uncover our next competitive advantage?

Cambia Health: The Future of Healthcare

How might we become the champion of America’s Quality of Life?

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