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Tap into the cognitive diversity of creators, outliers, misfits, rebels, and the crazy ones.

By introducing unconventional perspectives into the innovation process, you will see your organization’s challenges with fresh eyes. This is the power of cognitive diversity to deliver breakthrough innovation results.

Sense Worldwide is the gatekeeper to The Sense Network; a community of 6,000+ creators from over 1,300 cities worldwide. It is through their divergent perspectives that you will understand the future and develop a breakthrough strategy. By collaborating with us you are harnessing cognitive diversity at scale.

Since 1999, we have helped innovation teams, senior leaders, brand marketers, and consumer insights teams to see things differently, think differently, and innovate. Together we will identify future growth opportunities, disrupt categories, or reclaim lost ground.


The Sense Network

Sensers understand the future because they already live there. This unique global community can increase your accuracy, and the odds of betting on the best original innovations, by 65%. The Sense Network can be mobilized for projects across any sector or category.

Accessing the community is easy. We break your challenge down into agile loops; making pricing and timeframes transparent. Each loop engages energetic and enthusiastic network members to collaborate on your challenge. Our iterative approach ensures you see value at every stage.



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Future-proofed Projects

Nike: House Of Innovation

How might we create the most innovative direct to consumer experience in the world?

Nike shop


How might we innovate to create the next billion-dollar beverage brand?

3x Pepsi LIFE WTR bottles

General Electric: The Future of Refrigerators

Extreme Consumers. How might we discover our next competitive advantage?

Opal Ice Maker

Sonos: The Future of Voice Control

If we can't outspend Amazon, Google and Apple how might we out-think them?

Sonos speaker

MAC: The Future of Cosmetics Retail

How might we design the digital-first, flagship retail store of the future?

MAC Innovation Lab

SC Johnson: The Future of Cleaning

Scrubbing Bubbles

depop: Understanding Customers

How might we reach a Gen Z audience and grow our business?

Depop logo

Bupa: Designing for Future Customers

How might we leverage in-house analysis to develop a breakthrough proposition?

Bupa book

Almond Breeze: Five Year Roadmap

How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Almond breeze products

Pfizer: Nicorette Innovation Pipeline

How might we work more collaboratively to accelerate our speed of execution?


Cambia Health: The Future of Healthcare

How might we become the champion of America’s Quality of Life?

Cambia presenting findings
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