How might we create a future roadmap for the home cleaning business?

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The Fresh Brush Starter Kit has over 12,500 ratings on Amazon and scores 4.7/5.0


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SC Johnson’s Challenge

Scrubbing Bubbles was a successful brand within the SC Johnson portfolio, but the in-house innovation team wanted foresight into bathroom cleaning to ensure the brand continued to remain relevant. It wanted to maintain the brand equity with new products.


The Sense Worldwide Approach

Toiler cleaning is rarely discussed, but is relevant to us all. It is a task that most steer away from, giving little thought to how on how it could be improved, instead getting it out of the way as soon as possible.

To find a fresh perspective we needed to tap into extreme users; those giving cleaning the thought it needed to find improves. This led us to collaborate with homeowners living with OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). These collaborators were so interested in the minutiae of cleaning, they were willing to go into details that most people would rather not think about.


How The Sense Network Shaped The Future of Toilet Cleaning

During the discovery phase we observed an individual wrapping toilet paper around the head of a toilet brush. They used it to clean; then shook the paper off. The OCD homeowner wrapped the bristles of the brush in toilet paper to minimize contamination when it came into contact with the bowl. The thought of a contaminated brush, sitting next to the toilet all day and everyday, was unbearable for them. This observation is a textbook example of a latent or unarticulated need.

The Outcome

The Scrubbing Bubbles disposable toilet cleaner was born. It took a fringe behavior and accelerated it into the mainstream, with everyday consumers saying, “A must in every bathroom!”, “Least gross method of toilet cleaning” and “Saved me from a nervous breakdown”.


The Result

Large sales figures & positive reviews have made the product a must have for consumers. With over 12,500 ratings on Amazon the product scores a hefty 4.7/5.0.


Everyone is referring to the Sense Worldwide work as gold standard.

Market Research Director, SC Johnson International Markets


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