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The Sense Network is our global community of highly motivated, visionary, articulate and creative thinkers and doers who have collaborated with the likes of Nike, PepsiCo, Converse and Sonos.

‘Sensers’ are real people from worlds unlike yours. They have remarkable vision, skills and diverse experience to share. They are arbiters of culture. They have the insight and influence and know how to intuitively frame future products, drive credible innovation and develop culturally groundbreaking ideas.

We connect through events , cultural studies and collaborative happenings around the globe. Over the years we’ve collaborated with a dominatrix to help develop blister plaster innovations, a spy work to improve government security and hosted members around the world that specialise in everything from blindfold kung fu to sky diving.

The frank provocations and well informed feedback and that you will receive from The Sense Network is the breakfast of champions. They are our crowd and we couldn’t be prouder.

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