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Collaborate with people from worlds unlike your own to make things better and make better things.


If you have an imagination you are creative. Creative Intelligence is a uniquely human skill; it’s the ability to understand, interpret and act with imagination. The Sense Network values this skill; and the world’s most innovative companies value The Sense Network.

Members of The Sense Network connect globally and network locally; participate in paid projects, provide and receive feedback on new ideas and develop their Creative Intelligence. Together, we make things better and make better things, for people, planet and business.


The Sense Network will stimulate and nurture your creativity.

If you are looking to expand your mind and make a dent in the universe; membership of The Sense Network will provide many benefits. Be inspired. Develop and apply your Creative Intelligence today.

Sense Supper Club

A unique opportunity to socialize.
Connect over supper, locally and globally, with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own.

Reserve your seat at the table.

Global Community

Feed your curiosity, make connections, be extraordinary.
Join a global community of outliers, misfits, rebels and the crazy ones.

Expand your mind. Join the crazy ones.

Creative Feedback

Collaborate with The Sense Network around the globe.
Refine and build on your ideas using their creative feedback.

Share your idea for feedback.

Collaborative Projects

Shape the future of innovative global brands.
Get paid for your skills, knowledge, and reflections on the world.

Participate in brand innovation projects.

Senser Stories

Learn about global members of The Sense Network.
Read stories about their unique skills, day to day city life; and the ups and downs of personal creative journeys.

Inspire yourself and your peers.

Creative Intelligence

Read about the five principles of Creative Intelligence.
Stimulate and nurture your creativity. Sign up to receive a regular digest of stories, videos and activities.

Develop your Creative Intelligence today.

Meet The Sense Network

The humility of The Sense Network is awe-inspiring. Marvel at their achievements, idiosyncrasies and insecurities as their creative journeys ebb and flow.

Susan Moon, Brooklyn NY

Susan is a Moon Gazer, Poet and Semiotician based in Brooklyn, New York! Introduce yourself in...

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Sabrina Garcia, Fresno CA

Sabrina is a Curious Lifestyle Pilot, Health & Fitness Wiz and an Advanced Practice Nurse based...

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Sophie Lee, Los Angeles

Sophie is an 'Alchemist,' Creative Director and Personal Coach based in Los Angeles. Say...

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Klaudia Pawelczyk, London

Klaudia is a nuance lover, vintage fashion enthusiast and curious connector of dots based in...

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Simon Freund, Munich

Simon is an Artist, Misfit, and Philosopher currently based in Munich. Say hello! Hello,...

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Anoushka Veljee, San Jose

Anoushka is a Fashion Designer, Art Lover, Explorer and Creative Thinker based in San Jose,...

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The future needs you. Join The Sense Network today.

We are the outliers, misfits, rebels; the crazy ones. The ones that see things differently and don’t fit in a box (apart from these Instagram boxes).

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