Our Culture

These values guide us, inspire us, keep us happy and help us to do the best work of our lives. We welcome those who share our values.

Be Human

Be kind.

Tell it like it is.

Mind your energy.

Do what you say.

Maintain the trust.

Be Creative

It’s okay not to know.

Don’t be clever, be curious.

Ask a better question.

Less is more.

Make it good enough.


Under promise, over deliver.

Be open to everyone and everything.

Build on ideas, don’t break them.

Seek feedback and grow.

Be better, together.

Be Hungry

Be Hungry Post it

Be proactive.

Push your boundaries.

Strive for progress every day.

Don’t forget the past.

Just start.

Our Mission

At Sense Worldwide we are on a mission. This mission drives us, it is the reason we collectively choose to come to work each day.

We believe in harnessing the power of cognitive diversity by systematically organizing people with creative intelligence to deliver breakthrough innovations, at scale.

We imagine a world where everyone, everywhere is fulfilling their potential by embracing their creative intelligence. When people come together to collaborate and innovate, amazing things happen. The cognitive diversity that is unleashed makes breakthrough ideas easier to come by.

Together, we are able to make things better and make better things for people, planet, and business.

Full-time Innovation Consultant

People who thrive at Sense Worldwide are intuitive, curious and embody the growth mindset. Questions are our currency, so exploring new ideas will inspire and energise you. However, you will also know when to focus on doing rather than thinking and making it real. An innovation is only successful if someone buys it.

Being comfortable with ambiguity and able to join the dots without hand-holding is essential. We will develop your skills and confidence but will expect you to be self-directed and autonomous in your own professional development. Every member of the team is given a budget to do this.

Project Based Innovation Associate

Do you have the experience to slipstream with a high-performing team to support innovation projects?

If you are a specialist freelancer or innovation consultant who has first-class skills to support innovation projects around the world, read on.

We will expect excellence in all that you claim to be able to do. If you successfully become an Innovation Associate, you become a valued member of the core team. We will onboard you to the business and invest in your ongoing professional development by giving you access to weekly team training sessions: Disciples of Innovation.