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Felix Burghardt Amsterdam

Felix Burghardt; a book lover, daydreamer and Service & Experience Designer based in Amsterdam. Hey I'm... Felix I'm currently based in.. ...

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Ana La Rosa Barcelona

Ana La Rosa; a designer, illustrator, sustainability lover and foodie based in Barcelona. Hey I’m... Ana I’m currently based in... Barcelona,...

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Stylés Akira Los Angeles

Stylés Akira; a composer, designer, and writer from Los Angeles. Hey I'm... Stylés Akira I'm currently based in... Los Angeles, CA, USA I'm... ...

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Susie Kahlich Berlin

Susie Kahlich; a martial artist, art podcaster and astronomy lover from Berlin. Hey I'm... Susie Kahlich I'm currently based in... Berlin, Germany ...

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Emma Skipper London

Emma Skipper a maker of make believe Hey I'm... Emma Skipper I'm currently based in.. London, UK I'm... British And my day job is... Network...

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Sandra Julve Saragossa

Sandra Julve; a Saragossa-based contemporary storyteller and visual poet. Sandra (credit: Carlos Canales Ciudad) Say Hi! Since I was a child I had a strong...

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Diana Shtereva Hamburg

Diana Shtereva; a Hamburg-based, Bulgarian-born artist, illustrator and architecture pro who’s work drawing intimate portraits for people homes won her a...

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Ciaran Thapar London

Ciaran Thapar; a youth worker, writer and commentator based in South London. Ve journey below and if you're curious, read his latest article for the BBC...

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Susan Schell Paris

Susan Schell; a jewellery designer, hand model, editor, professional multi-tasker, foodie and yogi. She’s recently taken a huge leap and relocated to Paris...

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Jeffrey Abramson Los Angeles

Jeffrey Abramson; LA based experience maker, trail junkie and spy-turned-researcher. Kick off this interview by saying hello! Hello Sensers Worldwide! I'm...

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Ollie Walker – Sri Lanka

Ollie Walker; a South African video journalist and surfer living in Sri Lanka. Kick off your interview by saying hello to The Sense Network! Hey! I’m...

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Bhumika Bhatia – Chennai

Bhumika Bhatia; a roaming, surfing photographer just trying to create her kinda normal in this odd world. Kick off your interview by saying hello! Hey...

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