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Inspirational Insight

Expect the unexpected. Unconventional perspectives on future consumer needs, categories, and cultural trends; from the people shaping them.

If you are using focus groups to inspire your innovation, you are doing it wrong.

Why speak to a group of people who are recruited to be the same?

Don’t restrict yourself to a convergent, local view when you can have global, diverse views for the same investment.

Inspiration can come from anywhere, cast your net wide; tap into Creative Intelligence from The Sense Network across the globe:

  • Gather divergent perspectives on emerging trends from the edges of culture.
  • Engage with diverse customers who speak with authority on category conventions and what disruption might look like.
  • Identify the problems to solve, and the unmet needs you can design for.

This is exponential insight; rapid, global and abundant.

The Sense Network is an amazing partner for us to find deeper insights and creative inspiration for our innovation pipeline. With the wonderful creative minds from diverse cultural contexts, we are able to get everything done within a short time period. It is a really efficient and effective tool for global brand development.

SVP Innovation, PepsiCo

“This is ****ing cool. This is what dreams are made of for creative people.

Global Creative Director, Nike

“Sense Worldwide leveraged their network of connected, progressive thinkers and doers to deliver a series of co-design events that allowed a dialogue between the corporate and the cool.

User Experience Director, Vodafone

“Working with Sense Worldwide is seamless, it’s like having one team.

Managing Director, Strategy & Product Innovation, Experian

“This is fricking awesome! Exactly what we are after! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and for such brilliant outputs.
This is an excellent piece of work.

Head of Strategy, BBH/ZAG

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