What We Do

We make things better and make better things.

We have a crowd, not a strategy director, to guide and inspire our understanding of your future.

Sense Worldwide works in real time with real people to harness their collective intelligence in unconventional ways. As experienced marketing and innovation consultants we provide high quality interpretation and advice to answer the tough questions that brand, design, product and content leadership teams are faced with.

If you are a start-up, high growth, FTSE 250 or Fortune 500 business looking to credibly embed your ideas in global consumer culture and rapidly develop growth strategies, The Sense Network have completed 450+ projects to prove the value of this approach.

Sense Worldwide is a 21st Century research and development business. We provide innovators with access to the knowledge, experience and creativity of a dedicated global community to help identify and rapidly build confidence in their growth strategies.

We are experienced marketing and innovation consultants who stimulate and interpret the collective intelligence of our crowd: we generate fresh insight, develop marketing innovations and identify future opportunities for brand, design, product and content teams.

Harnessing the expertise, creativity and insight
from The Sense Network we provide:

Cultural Intelligence

Understand how global consumers and categories are changing. Use a Shout Out to gather early stage inspiration or a Cultural Immersion to get your team face to face with the experts and influencers.

Collaborative Innovation

Interpret learnings and develop quality ideas with the crowd. Get fast feedback on concepts with a Sense Check or use a Beta Sprint to work fast and iteratively with creative and expert talent to rapidly develop prototypes.

Future Roadmaps

Identify and articulate new opportunities that will drive growth. Start with a Research Amnesty to synthesise what the business already knows and build on this to focus on the road ahead with the creation of an Opportunity Map.

What our clients say