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We’ve got your marketing and innovation development process covered one-off, light touch feedback or frequent long term collaboration…

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Harnessing the expertise, creativity and insight from The Sense Network we provide:

Fast Feedback

Sense Check

Quick turnaround, global perspective on contemporary culture, consumer behaviour and new business ideas to fuel your thinking.

Inspirational Insight

Sense Network Shoutout

Early stage inspiration to identify opportunities in new business pitches and at the front end of the innovation process.

Cultural Intelligence

Cultural Insight Immersions

Bespoke itinerary of cultural encounters, inspirational expert interviews and creative meetups in the real world to build empathy.

Rapid Ideation

Sense Salons

Discreet, online or offline, collaborative sessions with hand picked, high calibre individuals to stress-test and supercharge new ideas.

Agile Prototyping

Beta Sprints

Iterative interactions with smart, articulate people to test design ideas and provide frank feedback on new proposition concepts.


Opportunity Mapping

Research Amnesty

Big synthesis of all your research data, structured into visual stories about consumers and future category opportunities.

All of the above sound interesting?

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Consumer Councils

Hand-picked group of highly motivated individuals who collaborate over the long-term with innovation and marketing teams.

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