Cheryl Wallace; watercolour painting, essential oil obsessed Senser from Arizona.

Cheryl and Joel at their wedding

Who am I?

My husband and I live in Phoenix, Arizona, land of the “dry heat”. I picked up a paintbrush after retiring, began doing watercolors, and Prayers and Paintbrushes was born. I’ve painted portraits of people and dogs, places that captured my artist heart, and custom requests for many people around the country. Early on I made my paintings available here where they are sold as prints, tote bags, coffee mugs, cards, towels, yoga mats, pillows, and even shower curtains! It has been a lot of fun for me and something I never would have dreamed!

Sedona, Arizona by Cheryl Wallace

While this was going on, I was just learning about Young Living’s essential oils, supplements and other products, and how they provide wellness and toxin-free household resources. Two years ago, I became a distributor with Young Living Essential Oils, a worldwide company, and I am inspired by the scent of diffusing essential oils as I paint! I have a “first aid kit” with my YL oils and incredible “system” supplements and I share these wellness resources with any and all who seek this information.

Embracing me in all my adventures is Joel, my much loved husband of five years, who has totally turned my life around. I am a “newlywed” and head over heals in love with the man God planted in my life after being divorced for eight years. He has traveled with me and shared wonderful experiences and places I thought I would never do or see. I am a woman who lives by prayer and faith in God’s Word, and give thanks to the Lord for this very unexpected life I now live.

My Personal Projects

Relationships are extremely important to me. I am involved in the music ministry at our church singing in the choir and playing piano. So the arts are a big part of my life. I determined as I began painting and people were responding to what I shared, that I needed to make this a “Businesstry” (business/ministry) of hope and encouragement as I share my paintings. I began on Facebook and Instagram as Prayers and Paintbrushes, and post weekly messages which present a different kind of Social Media presence. I write my own words, often sharing Bible verses along with paintings I have done.

About where I live…

I love living in Phoenix, a sprawling metropolis and the 5th largest city in the United States. There is very little if anything, that we lack: cultural arts and music, major sports teams, restaurants, shopping, museums, and beautiful places to hike and visit even within our city limits. The entire state of Arizona, which is the size of Italy or the Philippines, is famous for the amazing Grand Canyon, beautiful Sedona, and over 100 natural lakes among countless other breathtaking destinations. I moved to Arizona over 35 years ago and never dreamed how much I would come to love the beauty of this state. Our sunsets are breathtaking!

Our backyard in Phoenix, AZ

My unexpected blessings…

Five and a half years ago I met, then married a wonderful, supportive man. I was 65 years old when we married. One year later I was abruptly laid off from a career I had had for 30 years.

I admit I floundered for awhile with the sudden onset of so much unstructured free time. One night I went to a painting party with a friend, picked up that paintbrush and found I didn’t want to put it down! I painted Christmas cards for friends and family, shared them on social media, and people began asking me to paint for them. This was SO unexpected and beyond my wildest imaginings!

Watercolour by Cheryl Wallace

Being able to paint for others enables me to bless them with a special memory. Among the many commissions paintings, I’ve also painted a children’s book, Fairies and Friends Count (written in English and Spanish) and did the book cover for my sister, author Kara Louise’s book, Chance and Circumstance. I am also working on her next book cover.

And while all this was going on, I began telling my friends what my husband and I had discovered with Young Living and my other new career was born. I am happy to spread the word, diffuse my oils, and paint. My life is TOTALLY different than it was 10 years ago. I never could have imagined that at my age and at this time in my life, I would have so much blessing and joy. And I am grateful for The Sense Network and the opportunity to connect with others around the world.

Cheryl’s reflections on the world around her have have helped us unlock household penetration for Benecol in the UK, disrupt the shelf stable category in the US and even played a part in testing our new brand and platform. She’s a true Senser… even if she does think we’re a secret society (which we are definitely not *coughs*).

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