Unlocking Benecol's UK Household Penetration

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Unlocking Benecol's Younger Future Consumer

The Challenge: A Shrinking Category

Benecol is the UK’s leading cholesterol-lowering brand however their category was shrinking. In 2010, Sense Worldwide conducted a foundational piece of research into Benecol’s consumer. Eight years on, and with an ageing consumer base, Benecol reapproached us to help them unlock household penetration in the UK by bringing their younger future consumer to life and making key recommendations for developments in product mix, packaging and communications.

How we collaborated with the Sense Network to bring Benecol’s younger future consumer to life

Over 30 UK Sensers worked with Benecol to help bring to life their younger future consumer truths. In total, they delivered over 200 collaborative hours, 15,000 insightful words and over 400 illuminating photos; all of which culminated in the identification of four strategic principles that were designed to guide the future development of Benecol’s product portfolio, packaging and communications.

Our Unconventional Approach

A Welcome Home: From inviting us into their homes, to seeing how they stock up their fridges and construct their weekly grocery shop; The Sense Network worked with us to tirelessly uncover and add colour to the complexities and challenges they face in regard to their wider health and food choices.

The Power Of The Pen: We ‘diagnosed’ our Sensers with high cholesterol with a bespoke diagnosis letter from a GP and tracked their consequent behaviour. What they thought, felt and did in response to the threat of high cholesterol was illuminating and built upon the cholesterol-lowering journey uncovered in previous research.

Brand Feedback: Wanting to keep the results as unbiased as possible, we only introduced Benecol at the last stage. The Sense Network were tasked to capture instinctive and considered reactions to the brand and its products, packaging and communications to work out what improvements and evolutions needed to occur within the brand ecosystem to cater for their future younger consumer.

A Healthy Success

Our process and findings around the role of health and diet for Benecol’s younger future consumer were received with such enthusiasm that we were invited to present them at a global brand conference in Lisbon and will be used immediately within the communications and innovation strategy moving forward.