Sensers from around the world joined our latest Sense Virtual Meet-Up to share how we

re-invent ourselves and re-imagine and our collective futures!

By Rakshita Arvind

The virtual meet-ups with The Sense Network create an opportunity for global network members to be transported across the globe through Zoom – to connect with those whom we may not have had the chance to meet otherwise. One of the main takeaways from the meet was that we were all collectively seeking a space for meaningful connection, to relate and to learn from one another. I hope the gathering felt as positive and uplifting to all those that joined as it did for us.

“My biggest takeout has been meeting smart and interesting people that I would otherwise have not been able to meet. They all have shown to be interested in growing, learning, and making this world a better place, each of them with a different approach but all of them sharing a similar purpose. It has been a rewarding experience.” – Irene, Buenos Aires

Here are some of the highlights from our conversations at the meet…

We have all been given time to pause, zoom out and think about ‘the greater good’: what impact can we as individuals have within our local communities, environments and economies? 
Our conversations around this sparked a recurring theme of ‘Re-invention and Re-imagination’: when the going gets tough, it’s time for us to put our thinking caps on, adapt, imagine and innovate to create a better now and future.

Whether it be Emma on her working within Eco-Social Design; Lara supporting care homes and tackling issues surrounding mental well-being; Irene volunteering with schools in Buenos Aires; Susan re-imagining language education; or Mpho’s project surrounding organic waste and agricultural practices.

We also had a chance to talk about re-discovering our love for cooking new and exciting recipes and cuisines now that we’re at home more; the importance of composting; the need for connecting with nature; gardening and growing your own food.

It was a real pleasure to share in the collective sense of resilience and hope for our futures!


Here are some of the suggestions, references and links we shared on the meet:

We run our Virtual Meet-Up’s every month. Look out for the next one to connect with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own. And let amazing things happen when our worlds collide!

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