Find out how third culture kids, alien enthusiasts, artists and bot entrepreneurs all came together at this month’s Sense Supper Club in the beautiful Barcelona, with Senser co-hosts Rachel and Kate.

By Emma Skipper, Network Lead

I’ve never worked in a business were serendipity takes hold so often. This July saw fate in full force as Vienna/London-based Senser, Kate, dropped the team a note asking if there were any like-minded souls in Barcelona that she could connect to while she was undertaking a summer course in the city.

Of course, her wish was our command and I immediately connected her with Rachel; a self proclaimed compulsive organiser, social sheepdog, sideways scientist (and queen of potatoes). It didn’t take long before we all realised there couldn’t be a better excuse for them both to co-host a Sense Supper Club; colliding newcomer Kate’s world with other extraordinary Sensers from worlds unlike hers living in the city.

Within just a few days we had our table plan lined up* and private room booked at the brilliant Chido One in Gracia. From third culture kids to alien enthusiasts and artists to bot entrepreneurs; the diversity of skillsets and interests and divergence of thought and opinion was remarkable… and it’s safe to say we were not short of energy, openness, enthusiasm and conversation on the night. You can see our Instagram highlight of the evening here for a taster of what went on.

*I’d also recently discovered through Ana’s Senser Story that we might be able to collaborate on a graphic novel together so it was the perfect opportunity to get us all together in person.

“Wow! Such an incredible mix of people, places, verbal, physical & emotional languages, ideas and creative journeys! The Barcelona Supper Club was such a unique opportunity to have real conversations that surprise you, keep you guessing, and in some cases completely change your misconceptions about things (you thought) you’d never considered before. A killer way to spend a Wednesday night – already looking forward to the next one!” Rachel, Co-Host

Meet the table

  • Rachel Cruickshank – Compulsive Organiser & Social Sheepdog
  • Kate Ruston – Community Collider & Alien Intrigued
  • Sandra Julve – Cultural Philosopher & Artist
  • Henrik Beckmann – Bot Entrepreneur & Multiverse Theorist
  • Ana Larrosa – Upcycler and Illustrator
  • Ned Howey – Political Technologist & Musician
  • Emma Skipper – Maker Of Make Believe
  • Mayya Papaya – Foodist & Third Culture Kid
  • Hanna Bekefi – UX Designer & Monster Illustrator

Here are just a few of the cerebral snacks that were shared on the night:

Do you want to make things better and make better things? For people, businesses and the planet?

You’re not alone. Sensers are all like-minded individuals for worlds unlike each others. They are more than just their job titles and definitely don’t fit into a box. Sense Supper Clubs are evenings hosted in cities all over the world and are designed for members of The Sense Network to come together and make things better and make better things, together.

Guests around the table all have unique life experiences to share and these dinners offer a space for local Sensers to come together in-person and meaningfully connect with like-minded guests over delicious food and unexpected conversation. Curious connections will be made, inspiring stories shared, lasting relationships forged and future frontiers explored. Because individually our Sensers are remarkable. But together we are extraordinary.

So, whether you are a graffiti artist, doctor, dominatrix, glassblower, beatboxer, astronomer, retiree, single father, skydiver, pagan witch, poet, scientist, collector, academic or gamer; if you want to explore how you can use and develop your own unique creative intelligence to make things better and make better things, you’ve got a place at the table.

We look forward to colliding your world with ours. Register to attend in your city here.

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