Fearless and imaginative visual artist from India also known as ‘Tuda Muda’ based in Trondheim, Norway.


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Hi! I’m Samrridhi, aka Tuda Muda. I’m a visual artist from India currently based in Norway, Trondheim completing my Masters of Fine arts!


Tell us what you get up to in the real world…

I think as I was growing up I realised one of my biggest strengths was my imagination and critical thinking and Art was that platform for me where I could do both. I love to draw, it’s a very natural process for me and lately I have been drawing about body, beauty and the politics associated with it.

Currently I am working on working for my 1st Solo show. Other than that, I love to learn, last semester I signed up for 6 courses while I was suppose to select 2, only because I was so excited that I had a choice to learn so much. 


What are the biggest learnings from your journey in life so far?

The biggest learning from life so far that I would like to share is that when we are in a state of doubt, it’s very easy to assume that we have no choice but to succumb to our situation. But it’s important to remember that,  we always have a choice! Courage and fearlessness can take you places that you didn’t think were possible. You are a lot braver than you think you are. You have a voice. Use it to keep people on their toes. And if you want to learn, always ask questions! If you are unsure, ask a question. Also, when you are done asking the questions, it’s time to listen, and listen carefully. 


When are you most productive/creative? How do you get into the flow?

Working as an artist, sometimes the process in itself is the output more than the output itself. And that is something very exciting, because that means there is always room for more. 

To me, art is becoming as much about the idea as the medium you choose to explore this idea. The medium can be reading, writing, protesting, teaching, listening, drawing or performing. It takes many shapes and forms and identities and this empowers me to be productive. I also feel that it is very important to surround yourself with individuals that you can engage with.  Discussions and exchange of dialogue with genuine individuals can do wonders for your creativity.

Personally speaking, I don’t like being rushed. I feel that time is constantly passing by me, I don’t need a further push to rush it. 


Tell us about the place you call home…

Home at the moment is Trondheim, Norway. I am living in a student city and I totally love it. While I have my own little room in one part of the town, I have an Art studio in another part of the town that I am attached too. I am very grateful that I have two places in this city that I can call my own. The city is my home, and those two spaces make me feel at peace. 

I love the fact that the city is known for being a student city and education unites us all. The city sees students from all over the world. Having the opportunity to see the world from different perspectives of different cultures is just amazing. I have spent so many evenings around the fire just talking about history, mythological stories, politics or food recipes. 

Student involvement is very high here. I work as a student representative and I am able to influence decision making within the institution. It feels great that my opinions can actually make a difference. Knowing that your feedback is valuable and needed as a student is very refreshing to me. 


What are the hidden gems in your city?

Norway has hidden gems right around the corner! Trondheim has lakes, mountains, waterfalls, you name it! While I have so much to be grateful for in Trondheim, the things I really appreciate are:

  • Fretex, its a store with and loads of vintage goodies to be discovered. 
  • Sabrura, all you can eat sushi!
  • Discoteket: it is a bar where they let you play table tennis while you have a drink.
  • The view of the city from the top of the Nidarosdomen Church.
  • Nature is Norway’s hidden gem, if you didn’t know that already!

Your social links:

  • Follow @tuda_muda on instagram to keep up to date with my work. I could use your support!
  • Listen and watch my work on Vimeo to make you feel good, bad & ugly. 

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