Woebots on Wednesdays…

True to style, we’ve got a weather report from our HQ in Boulder and it’s sunny, set to be 29°C and sunny later today… Our London office are not happy.

To level the playing field we’ve got some juicy mind morsels for everyone today in the form of syncing, Vulcan-style mind melds, a Woebot therapist, and a spy-esque finger phone. How could you resist?!

Vulcan Mind Meld

Scientists have genuinely discovered that our minds sync up when we’re having a conversation. It’s sounds trekky but it’s true… they can even tell when humans are communicating with each other without knowing if a conversation is taking place.

Live long and prosper

Squares & Circles Mark The Spot

Could you imagine anything more divine to keep your treasures in than these beautifully crafted boxes from RDAI and Lanserring?

Andrew Hays, friend of Sense Worldwide (and a former creative director of Smallbone and Poggenpohl), teamed up with Kimm Kovac (an interior architect and set designer) and the uber talented Radaschitz brothers (owners of the famous joinery in Austria) to set up Lanserring… which, as Wallpaper describes, “leverages the time-honed craftsmanship of the Radaschitz workshop to deliver contemporary kitchen designs and lifestyle products on a bespoke basis.”

We’re in love if this treasure box is anything to go by… watch this space for their global launch.

Read more here

Woebot – At Your Service

It’s a sad day when we’d prefer to tell a computer our problems over our friends, but here we are and at least the bot’s therapy involves GIFs.

In all seriousness, it’s pretty cool. Just listen to the Fast Company:CBT is based on the idea that how we think affects how we feel and that we can change psychological distress by changing the way we think about things. The process is used for a variety of mental health issues and aims to make people more aware of how distorted thinking patterns affect everyday situations.”

Get happy

Google It

Ever wondered what happens when you visit Google.com. Like, everything single thing? Well this dev has literally noted down every process involved in visiting the mega-search engine… and it’s pretty impressive stuff.

Google it

Ring Me

We talk about it a lot in the office… phones are outdated. The traditional handset to ear model is due a shake up (given it hasn’t really changed since Alexander Graham Bell first invented the public telephone) and in a post-Google Glass-crash world, is this ring the next big thing?

Using bone conductor technology, all you have it raise you finger to your ear and you’re chatting to your mum about dinner in no time… that and you can look like part of the secret service while you’re a

Happy Hump Day!

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