Recently, we wrote a piece on the rise of the Side Hustle and its role in the future of self-fulfilment. We spoke about how more and more people are trying to build mastery, autonomy and purpose in their lives by taking it into their own hands.

We approached The Sense Network to see if this hypothesis held true for our own members.…and what we got back was pretty inspiring. Below you’ll find just a few of the awesome Side Hustles that are going on, right now, within The Sense Network.


Side Hustle: The New Gay Times a LBGTQI media outlet
Day Job: Independent strategy consultant & New business developer

“Ever since I started working, I’ve had side hustles. At the moment, I’m creating a LGBTQI media outlet called The New Gay Times. The main objective of The New Gay Times is to advocate for inclusion and acceptance, from the unique perspective of LGBTQI individuals in the region.”


Side Hustle: Hand model
Day Job: Jewellery designer

“Hand modelling is definitely a bit of a weird job and not one that I ever saw myself doing. I especially like the variety of projects that I get to be involved in – it could be a food product shoot, or cosmetics, or nail art, or something editorial. It is exciting to get to try a lot of different things. What I find difficult is how my day job is kind of dangerous to my hand modelling. As a jewellery designer, I often work with metals and sharp tools, so I have to be really careful and make sure I don’t hurt myself.”


Side Hustle: Inventor on BBC’s Big Life Fix
Day Job: Technology Scout at Lego

“One of my side hustles was working with BBC on their program, Big Life Fix. It’s a great way to learn more about people with a given disability and the needs surrounding that. Although the fix can seem ‘focussed’ on the individual (which is a nice contrast to designing for mass consumer goods), it also informs and inspired me (and others) to think differently about the affordances of a given design or service.”


Side Hustle: Receitas de Família (a Christmas cookie baker!)
Day Job: Market researcher

“I moved from Germany back to Brazil in 2003 and when my first Christmas came around there was no snow, no real pine trees, no cold (air-conditioning does not count!), no real Santa Claus and I didn’t feel the holiday spirit. I was also going spend the holidays with my uncle and his family and I had no clue what to give them. I finally decided to bake them the Christmas Cookies that my grandma always made. No-one else was really doing this in Brazil. Since that first batch of cookies which I just gave away to family and friends, I now bake them every year for the holiday season. Last year, I did an all-time record of 52 kg of cookies under the brand Receitas de Família (or Family Recipes).”


Side Hustle: Travel Bananas Travel blogger
Day Job: Product & UX designer

“I decided to start a travel blog and Instagram account because I was too bored in my day job. I couldn’t believe that I was going to spend my life doing the same thing day in, day out. I’m a creative person and I need freedom. I have learnt so much along the way, especially about digital marketing, social media and photography. But also about what it means to be an entrepreneur, to run your own business and the challenges that come with that. You are solely responsible to motivate yourself to produce good work. But the result can be very rewarding.”


And that is just a taster of all the amazing things The Sense Network are doing at the moment.

Have you got a Side Hustle you’d like to share with the wider Network? Click here and let us know in our global Shout Out.

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