Bhumika Bhatia; a roaming, surfing photographer just trying to create her kinda normal in this odd world.


Kick off your interview by saying hello!

Hey everyone! I’m Bhumika, but you can call me Bee. It’s easier for everyone to remember :)!

I’ve been a portrait photographer for 9 years now and it’s been amazing. Full of ups and downs, but hey, that’s what life is all about right? I love collecting corals and dead bugs and butterflies. I surf a little bit and am a certified scuba diver!


Tell us about what you’re up to in the real world.

Ah! I never intended to become a photographer, it just happened. I was always interested in art, however photography happened much later in life as every other artistic medium disappointed me.

I’m the most budgeted photographer you’ll ever meet. Every time I have an idea, I try to find props that are under £10 or less! I also try to pull what I’m going through at the time into my images. It’s safe to say that photography keeps me calm… as well as a bit of surfing!

Copyright: Bhumika Bhatia Photography

Copyright: Bhumika Bhatia Photography


Give us a peek into your favourite working spot/environment. What does your working process look like and how do you use this space to be productive?

I write and write! Every time I get an idea, I make sure to pen it down. There have been so many times that I’ve forgotten great ideas because of sheer laziness.

Whenever an idea comes into my head, I first create a moodboard, then I search for the perfect subject and finally I shoot! With some good music playing in the background of course! I’ve also realised to keep myself occupied with work, be it replying to this interview or writing down an idea. I’m still new to this so I hope it works!


New research suggests that ‘active procrastination’ fosters creativity – purposely delaying work on a project to give oneself unscheduled time to let ideas incubate. What do you do to let your mind wander?

To an extent, I agree with this yes. But not all the time. Whenever I win a client, or if I’m doing my personal shoot, I have to immediately (post shoot) transfer the images and start working on them. If I delay in any way, I become lazy and everything else gets delayed. Although my best ideas do tend to come to me late night or during the shoot itself.

Copyright: Bhumika Bhatia Photography


A creative journey is not one travelled alone. Tell us about someone who helped you get you where you are today or someone who inspires you and why?

My best friends, they’ve been there for me at every step of the way. They constantly support me and are 100% honest about my work. I’m very grateful to have them in my life.


Where are you based at the moment? We’d love to know about the area you live and why you chose this place?

I’ve been travelling for the past 1.5 months and I’m shuffling between Chennai and Bombay at the moment, just meeting people and trying to get some work done! Currently I’m in Chennai and I’m absolutely in love with it; the culture, the people and the food! I spend most of my time here and absolutely love it! The surf culture over here is pretty neat too!

Copyright: Bhumika Bhatia Photography


There are so many Japanese and Korean restaurants over here, it’s crazy! I absolutely love trying out different restaurants when I’m here. Hokkaido, Fuji, Dhalia are some of my favourites. As far as local food is concerned, I absolutely love Murugan Idli. *Now you’re making me hungry!* Hehe


How does your area inspire your work?

It keeps me calm. Im originally from the capital and it was getting too monotonous. I needed a breather and some fresh air to inspire myself.


Quick fire round:

Do you have a side hustle/project that you’re passionate about?

I love collecting butterflies and rocks. I also listen to a lot of be classical music and I’m working on my surfing series!


Do you have any advice for someone working in the same sector / interest as you hoping to make it?

Don’t just depend on social media, it won’t be there forever. With time, it keeps changing. You’ve got to connect with people in real life as well.


A must read:

The subtle art of not giving a fuck.


A must listen:

Say something loving – The XX


Your favourite newsletter(s):

Vice and Dazed.


And finally… If you could change anything about our world and society, what would you start with?

I wish people would stop using plastic when they’re travelling. I carry a steel straw with me every time I step out of the house. I also picked up bamboo straws from my recent trip to Cambodia.


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