Ana La Rosa; a designer, illustrator, sustainability lover and foodie based in Barcelona.

Hey I’m…

I’m currently based in…
Barcelona, Spain


And my day job is…
Designer and illustrator at Frita Studio

You can find me on…

Hi, I’m Ana.

I am lucky enough to work as a self employed designer in my beautiful studio in Poblenou, Barcelona. On a typical day, I sit down at my desk wearing comfy clothes and, facing the blue sky, I get the creativity going. The uncertainty of not knowing what my next project will be, keeps me excited and thrilled.

So tell us Ana, what are you passionate about?

My thing is drawing and painting! It’s therapeutic, relaxing. It helps me communicate and tell stories, enthuse and generate emotions. I try to do it as much as I can and, sometimes, I get to incorporate it in my design work.

Some of my illustrations from my hobby.

Coming from a family of chefs and basically having grown up in a kitchen, cooking is also a passion of mine (and then eating it)! I used to have a food blog (RIP) which is where the name of my studio comes from FRITA (in Spanish: ‘fried’)

Oh and I just adopted a cat who doesn’t have a name yet! Accepting ideas…

My new adopted cat… name ideas welcome!

What keeps you busy at the moment?

I am focussing on a studio rebrand, working with two other girls: a community manager and a photographer to create a multidisciplinary boutique studio and offers bespoke design and marketing solutions that are heavily focussed on strong brand strategy, innovation and communication.

Throughout this journey I have learnt to accept and be grateful.

Work wise, I have learnt that neither failure nor success define me and that I should never listen to my ego. Yet, confidence and believing in yourself is crucial to achieve anything.

ps. I know it sounds cliche AF, but I was my worst enemy and sabotaged myself for a long time, so I mean it!

We know everyone’s working process is different. We also know you can learn a lot from the experiences of others so share yours below.

When are you most productive/creative? How do you get into the flow?

Creativity doesn’t always work 9 to 5, unfortunately, but working for it helps.

The first thing is surrounding yourself with the project and getting to know your client as much as you can. Observing and learning about them, to find what their needs are (they don’t always know it themselves…). Once you dive into a project, you breath it, then the inspiration will hit you when you least expect it… and then off you go!

If I am ever stuck, ideation games do help to see beyond the surface (ishikawa diagrams, mind maps, card games…)

Inspiration in the studio

Show us a picture of your favourite working spot.

My favourite working spot in the studio!

What playlist is on in the background and why?

Huge radiohead fan, so any album , specially In Rainbows keeps me happy.

Good old soul like this playlist.

And this one if I’m feeling sexy.

Tell us a bit about the place you’re living right now.

Where is home at the moment?

Home is where I was born: Barcelona, where I moved back a while ago after 9 years in the UK (Liverpool, Brighton & London).

What do you love about this place? Is there anything you feel makes it unique?

Living in this sunny and beautiful city feels like being on a permanent holiday! The sea, the blue sky, the funny people, the relaxing vibes, the beautiful (and cheap) wine. And the food, of course!

Tell us about the hidden gems that you’d take your visitors/friends to where you live and why you chose them?

My neighbourhood is a total gem: Poblenou. Away from the city centre buzz: it’s quiet, but lively at the same time. Full of creative studios, galleries, independent cafes… An old industrial area, I call it Brooklyn by the sea.

A street in Poblenou, Barcelona

Here is a beautiful video but the history of this area told by their neighbours.

Collaborating with The Sense Network

I could support others in the Network by…

… helping them develop a visual language that represents them and delivers their message adequately. Together, exploring each others’ environments, we can learn and find the best way to connect effectively with others.

I’d like to collaborate with Sensers that would like to…

…without limit to my imagination to bring those world-changing projects to life.

As creators, I feel it is our responsibility to minimise the negative impact of the products we develop. I believe that placing users at the centre of the design process and having an awareness of their environment is the key to designing efficiently.

The Sense Network work together to make things better and make better things. Tell us about the one thing you’d change in the world…

Plastic! I would love a world without plastic. I studied sustainable design to create products that do not harm this world as much as plastic does. It is possible!

You can read some of my University research for designing plastic-less in the street food disposable world below:

Disposable: A report on disposable packaging

Chilled Meat Packaging & The Older Adult: A report on inclusive design

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