Aaron Roque Pinto; a nerd overlord and purveyor of kittens.

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Hey guys, I’m Aaron Pinto all the way from Bombay, India. I’m a musician and visual artist (and not particularly in that order). I play drums for two metal bands here, Gutslit and Providence. Gutslit is currently heading on a South East Asia tour which will cover everything from Dubai to Japan. We will be the first band to pull off something like this from India and I’m pretty stoked about it.

Also I’m a commercial visual artist. I’ve just finished off an exhibition in Delhi and now working on my new series which will be ready by December. I used to work as a Senior designer at MTV India for a long time before I decided the leave the corporate world and make a name for myself.

I’ve also been tagged as one of the best illustrators in India currently… so it’s worked out pretty good so far. Also I’m an aggressive toy collector and also wear only vans shoes. Nothing else.

An example of Aaron’s amazing illustrations

Aaron’s aggressive toy collection

We want to know what you’re up to in the real world. Show us your work or passion.

The next photo is my most current work for a band called from Bangalore. I had to deviate from my usual comic book, inking style because the music did not match it. So I decided to paint the entire cover which I haven’t done before. I did add my own spin to it in the end, but figuring out a new skill from scratch nearly sucked the life out of me! The result was worth it though and the reviews are beyond positive. So woohoo!

Album artwork for Rainburn

Give us a peek into your favourite working spot/environment.

I’ve converted my room into my studio, so I do my design work and drum tracking and practicing from that space. It’s great to be able to create in a positive environment and it’s even better that I can just jump from my computer on to my kit, without any travel time in between.

The following pics are my weapons of choice.

Aaron’s weapons of choice

New research suggests that ‘active procrastination’ fosters creativity – purposely delaying work on a project to give you unscheduled time to let ideas incubate. What do you do to let your mind wander? Where and when do you have your best ideas and most creative moments?

I didn’t know about this study but I agree with it completely. When I’m on a project I hate to be rushed into finishing it. I sometimes tend to procrastinate on a particular project because I feel the time and idea isn’t right and I’ll stall but only because I’m figuring the best way forward subconsciously. But when the idea does come, it ends up being everything it needs to be and more.

The below design was supposed to be submitted within two weeks… I took a month and a half because I wasn’t happy with my initial draft (and also the artist wanted a chrome effect which I had never worked on before). End result is one of my all time favourites.

A creative journey is not one travelled alone. Tell us about someone who helped you get you where you are today or someone who inspires you and why?

I’ve always had the blessing of playing with amazing musicians in all my bands and who’ve ended up being my best and closest friends. They’ve guided me throughout my career as a drummer and one of the main reasons I think I’m where I am is due to their wisdom.

Also I didn’t know I was a artist/illustrator until I joined MTV India. I was interning in another field completely, and after a year of working there, one of the designers saw that I could draw a bit and would always doodle in my free time. He saw that I wasn’t happy with my current position, so he asked me if I’d like to intern under him for a bit and see if it worked out. Best decision I ever took. I ended up leading the team… and now here I am.

Funny how life works out.

Where are you based at the moment? We’d love to know about the area you live and why you chose this place?

I’m based in Bombay currently. It’s changed to be called Mumbai recently, but for me it will always be Bombay. This is my home, I’ve grown up here and I’ve made my bones here. I plan on moving abroad at some point but for now this is life.

Disclaimer: the following pics are not mine

Can you tell us something that you love about it? Can you recommend us a great place to visit/enjoy?

Food is always amazing in Bombay. Places to eat that I love are Fatty Bao, Yauatcha, Francescos and for real Indian food one must always visit Mohammed Ali Road for the bet street food. Especially during Eid. Also the music scene is pretty lit here too.

Mohammed Ali Road

How does your area inspire your work?

My work depends on my observation and there’s so much chaos in this city. It never sleeps. There’s always a fun story around the corner and it inspires me and gives me a lot of ideas to play around with. From textures to scenarios and everything inbetween.

Now for the quick fire round..

Q: Do you have a side hustle/project that you’re passionate about and that is not written above? If so what is it?
A: I’ve just discovered the awesomeness of MMA(mixed martial arts) and I just love it. I used to be grossly overweight as well before I started it but I’ve ended up losing 26 KGs which is a massive feat for me and it’s my drug of choice right now.

Q: Do you have any advice for someone working in the same sector / interest as you hoping to make it?
A: Keep your head down and ignore the noise. If you believe in something and work towards it there’s nothing that can stop you from achieving it.

Q: Your must read?
A: Shoe Dog – Phil Knight

Q: Your must listen?
A: Karnivool – Sound Awake (full album)

Q: Your favourite newsletter(s)?
A: juxtapoz

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Instagram: kidsquidy or Squid_Drums

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kidsquidy

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