I’m an arctic explorer. I’ve been designing next generation mobile phones.

‘You can’t do a Facebook check-in from a Himalayan Peak… Yet.’

‘Phones are life and death to explorers. So when Sense Worldwide asked me to work with one of their clients to design a better one, I had a lot to say. Exploring is all about publicising yourself, wherever you are. I have a load of hacks for doing that-hopefully you’ll see some soon in your next phone.’

Sense Worldwide has been working on a new generation of mobile service concepts. To do this, we got mobile, travelling the length of Europe in a mobile workshop space (OK, a Fiat camper van) to meet extraordinary technology users, from high-tech mavens to perpetually-mobile entrepreneurs to, yes, an explorer. We brought those people together with one of the world’s smartest mobile design teams to explore new ways that mobiles can help us live fuller lives. The result: a roadmap of technologies that will power one of the world’s leading electronics companies for the next 3 years.