The Sense Network is made up of hand picked communities of leading edge millennials, genZ, design lovers, busy families and creative influencers.
They are familiar with how to add valuable input and cultural credibility to brand communication, design and content teams and understand how to identify and articulate brand and innovation opportunities.

Groups Within The Network

Freya Sense Worldwide
Freya: Travel Blogger, Brand Ambassador & Marketer

Freya works in music marketing. She's lucky enough to call London her home but is a wanderer at heart and can often be found leaving city behind in search of adventure with her blog, Freya. Alongside blogging she is a brand ambassador and freelance journalist for MTV.

Jakob Sense Worldwide
Jakob: Nomadic Entrepreneur

Did we mention that he also does skydiving, wing-suiting, surfing, pole-dancing, hitchhikes across Europe and has an obsession with new technology?

George: Software Sales & Relationship Manager

George owns more than 1,000 LP’s In fact, music is such a key part of George’s life that he has designed his home specifically so that he can easily listen to music from anywhere in the house.

Trishna Sense Worldwide
Arushi: 2D Animator

One of her favourite trips to date was to a desert called Kutch where she stayed in a villager’s hut where there were no rooms. She says she “lives for moments like these”.

Steve Sense Worldwide
Steve: Head of Creative for an Online Fashion Company

Steve really enjoys using his hands; pottering in the shed, woodwork and making furniture are just a few of the ways he scratches that itch.

Natasha Sense Worldwide
Natasha: Freelance Sports & Remedial Masseuse

Natasha enjoys searching for the best tapas in the city and and finding new eclectic places to visit, such as her most recent trip to watch Boxing at York Hall.

Noah Sense Worldwide
Noah: Painter, Photographer, Designer, Dancer

Noah does it all. Originally from Vietnam, she majored in law before pursuing a career in all-things-creative in Tokyo, Japan. Noah is a self-declared obsessive when it comes to her creative projects.

Jenny Sense Worldwide
Jenny: Food Innovation Consultant, Restaurateur & Writer

Jenny’s lived all over the world. She can tell you all the best places to visit in Singapore, Beijing, Hong Kong, Toronto, Vienna, Berlin, London, Paris and Chengdu!

yigit - sense network
Yiğit: Display Graphics Supplier & DJ/Producer

Yiğit provides display graphics solutions to many industries with his company Papa Display. He also produces and DJ's as Fakepakt. Yiğit is a self-proclaimed space and plant addict.

Trishna Sense Worldwide
Trishna: Entrepreneur & TV Industry Guru

Trishna started her own company at 21 and was one of India’s youngest ever music video directors. She has over 13 years in the entertainment industry behind her and currently works in TV retail.

Dhruv Sense Worldwide
Dhruv: Musician

Dhruv is a Solo Percussive Acoustic Guitarist (S.P.A.G. for short) who released his Debut Album Orion, a rock opera in 2015. He’s also deeply engaged in the gaming and tech industry in his spare time.

Jeffrey Sense Worldwide
Jeffrey: Motion Pictures Innovator

Jeffrey is passionate about VR and connecting influencers in LA. He's also dedicated to elevating future-forward entertainment practices and emerging talent. In 2011, Jeffrey was selected as one of Los Angeles Confidential's "Innovators of the Year”.