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Feed your curiosity, make connections, be extraordinary. Join a global community of outliers, misfits, rebels and the crazy ones.

Radically different worldviews are often found at the edges of culture. The Sense Network is home to around 5,000 outliers, misfits, rebels and the crazy ones. We seek individuals who have their own edge; often determined by their attitude, outlook, experience, life choices or predicament. This cognitive diversity supercharges innovation and accelerates change for good; which is good for everyone.

Members of The Sense Network enjoy the exchange of new ideas to stretch, challenge or build upon their changing worldview. The majority of social networks are echo chambers. They are filled with individuals who are constrained by a shared worldview; one that is reinforced by other members with similar views. Typically, these individuals prefer the status quo and have no desire for change. We take the contrary view.

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