What is The Sense Network?

Since 1999 The Sense Network has been a pioneering community of like minded, curious humans across the world with one purpose: to make things better by making better things.

With over 4700 members (or ‘Sensers’) in over 90 countries, our global network has spent over 20,500 (and counting) collaborative hours creating the futures for some of the world’s most interesting organisations. From designing a new Converse sneaker, generating a new snack brand name to redefining the future of refreshment for Pepsi; The Sense Network have worked on over 450 projects and earned our Sensers’ over $1 Million in incentives.

Why should I join?

Does hanging out with the most creatively intelligent community on the planet sound up your street? If so then you need to join The Sense Network.

By joining us you will not only get access to take part in some fascinating projects run by our sister innovation studio, Sense Worldwide (more on that below), but you’ll also join our community communications and events email list whereby you’ll be kept up to date with what HQ (and your fellow Sensers) are up to around the world. Everything is aimed to promote real connections, inspiration and collaborations that will help you further your creative journey – no spam here.

Who is eligible to join?

We’re in the business of colliding worlds.

Ask yourself this… Are you curious? Do you moonlight as a plate spinner? Do you have interesting stories to tell about the 90s rave scene in Berlin? Do you love reflecting on and solving complex problems? Do you want to make a dent in the universe?

If any of the above apply to you then, what are you waiting for? Join us.

Does it cost to become a member?

No. Membership is free. There are fees associated with some of the events we run, but these will be disclosed at the time of annoucement.

Can I recommend a friend?

Yes absolutely, just make sure they make a note that you referred them on their registration so we know there’s a connection there!

How do I join?

On our website you will see an option to sign up to The Sense Network. By completing this process you will become an official Senser.

The registration process will ask you for a number of details. Please complete your account details as thoroughly as possible as it helps us get to know you better, as well as allowing us to better match you to future projects.

You will also be asked to opt-in to our newsletter. This is how we send out project updates so make sure you opt in otherwise we cannot contact you (as per new GDPR guidelines).

Then what?

Once you’ve become part of The Sense Network it’s over to you. We will send you news on events, other Sensers and projects updates. It’s up to you to interact with them and join in with the community – it will be what we make it together!


Sense Worldwide is our sister innovation studio and they are full of super smart humans that bridge the worlds between global brands and our Sensers, fostering collaboration that creates for the future.

When a new brief comes in from a client they talk to us to see how The Sense Network can help us tackle their current business challenge. This could be anything from a one hour in-depth interview, a immersive tour of your city’s culture or a thought provoking online challenge. We once even gave a group $500 and a GoPro and just asked people to ‘Live For Now’… cool right?*

*(although not as cool as the time we got a bunch of 20 year olds to wear sensory deprivation suits to build empathy for the elderly generation… yeah, what’s a deprivation suit you ask.)

What’s important is that Sense Worldwide talk to The Sense Network because there’s no other community like it. The fresh perspectives, articulate reflections and lasting collaborations that our Sensers’ generate allow Sense Worldwide to create exciting insights and make ground breaking recommendations for the future.

Senser Projects

Outside the work we do with Sense Worldwide, we also collaborate internally, offering peer-to-peer projects to our members that need Network feedback.

From fast feedback and validation for an early sketch of an idea, to more in depth, face to face collaborations; being a Senser allows you the chance to get in touch and tell us about your recent project. You never know how your fellow Sensers can help… and they always can.

How do I sign up to projects?

The team will always send new project news out via email (although they are also listed on the online portal as well). Instructions to take part will be in these emails however you’ll likely be asked some qualifying questions to ensure you are a fit with the study. Each project is different so these criteria change depending on the brief. It’s always worth applying if you’re interested.

You’ll be notified ASAP via email if you’ve not been selected to take part.

The Sense Network Events

From supper clubs to meet ups to conferences and more, The Sense Network is looking to build out our global events calendar. You’ll find listings on our online portal as well as in our newsletters.

All Sensers are invited to all our global events however space can be limited so speedy RSVPs are recommended.

Running your own Senser Event

We have a lot of Sensers that like to support their local Network with events, supper clubs and general hang outs. If you’d like to join in, drop us an email and we can connect you to your local Senser community to get you started.


The work we do here is always confidential. When you sign up to The Sense Network you will be asked to agree to terms and conditions that includes a confidentiality clause. You may also be asked to do this separately as well for our more top secret projects.