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Read about the five principles of Creative Intelligence. Stimulate and nurture your creativity.

Be human. In the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence, you need to ensure your skillset remains competitive. Creative Intelligence is a mindset, not a methodology, so relevant to all disciplines. There is nothing more creatively enjoyable and intellectually rewarding. Creative Intelligence will help you to think differently and figure out better ways of doing things.

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For over 20 years Sense Worldwide has helped people to develop their Creative Intelligence. More accessible and widely applicable than Design Thinking; Creative Intelligence will provide an approach to life that helps you to tackle problems and challenges in new ways. The result will create a fundamental shift in the way that you view and engage with the world. Expand your mind today.

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The Five Principles of Creative Intelligence

#1 Look outside of the mainstream

New ideas are rarely found in the mainstream; the mainstream often rejects radical new ideas.
 Use the diversity of thinking that you find outside of the mainstream as an advantage. We build a friendship group with high cognitive diversity; find unlikely allies with divergent opinions to challenge your worldview.

When you look outside of the mainstream, you will see the value of how diverse and divergent views and opinions will stretch and challenge traditional conventions to create something new.

#2 Beware of the curse of knowledge

When you’ve worked in an industry for a long time, it can be easy to think you know the answer; and get stuck in the way things have always been done. Be curious; curiosity is the desire to learn. It is an eagerness to explore, discover and figure things out.

See old problems in new ways. Look at things like a child would; by viewing the world with beginners’ eyes, you will be able to identify and defuse cognitive biases and assumptions that can often prevent fresh thinking. Be open and receptive to a wider range of possibilities.

#3 Embrace ambiguity

Ambiguity can be an uncomfortable thing for many people; but this anxiety is also a creative opportunity. Be bold and embrace the uncertainty. Reframe your unease with the unknown, use it as fuel for creative, strategic change.

Mastering this will teach you to act instinctively under pressure, to trust your intuition when forecasting the future and to think strategically about a topic when not all the information is known.

#4 Develop an experimental mindset

Mitigate the risk of a new idea by adopting a ‘test & learn’ approach to help make key decisions. Learn to trust your intuition and then validate it. Flip it on its head – question it, pressure-test it, stretch it, seek creative feedback.

Adopting an iterative, test & learn approach to what you do in life allows you to be more nimble and it will de-risk the decision-making process to increase the chance of a more successful outcome.

#5 Mix it up

Boost motivation in your work by mixing up your routine, your environment and focus. Take a different route to work. Time spent with the unfamiliar helps people to think differently by forcing you to categorise new information.
 Take a step back, make a change and
 let your mind wander.

When you seek new experiences you cannot help to mix it up. You will discover the benefits of reframing challenges when tackling complex problems and how articulating counter-intuitive solutions can help prompt new thinking.

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