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Collaborate with The Sense Network around the globe. Refine and build on your ideas using their creative feedback.

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. We all have personal projects, side hustles and creative business ideas that would benefit from a fresh set of eyes. This is why we facilitate collaborations with members of The Sense Network. Their Creative Intelligence thrives on feedback. Through iterative feedback loops, we make things better and to make better things for people, planet and business.

This is how we innovate at Sense Worldwide. There are a number of Sensers whose businesses, brands and projects have already benefited from creative feedback. There is no better way to make progress on projects than by sharing ideas with a diverse, global group of trusted collaborators; and receiving their reactions: good, bad or ugly. What are you waiting for? Share your idea today.

Nike: House Of Innovation

How might we create the most innovative direct to consumer experience in the world?

Nike shop

Sonos: The Future of Voice Control

If we can't outspend Amazon, Google and Apple how might we out-think them?

Sonos speaker

Converse: The Chuck II

How might we innovate to make the world's best-selling sneaker better?

Converse Chuck II


How might we innovate to create the next billion-dollar beverage brand?

3x Pepsi LIFE WTR bottles

Almond Breeze: Five Year Roadmap

How might we establish a lean and agile innovation function overnight?

Almond breeze products

Kellogg’s: Redefining Sexy

How might we better understand the meaning of sexy?

Man & Woman smoking

Bupa: Designing for Future Customers

How might we leverage in-house analysis to develop a breakthrough proposition?

Bupa book

Pfizer: Nicorette Innovation Pipeline

How might we work more collaboratively to accelerate our speed of execution?


Blue Diamond: The Future of Almonds

How might we give the business foresight into future growth opportunities?

The future of Almonds poster
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