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Shape the future of global brands. Collaborate, innovate and learn. Get paid for your knowledge, skills and reflections on the world.

When worlds collide amazing things happen. All projects begin by asking The Sense Network a question. This is why innovative businesses value the Creative Intelligence of The Sense Network. Their cognitive diversity, speed of providing fresh global perspectives and feedback on ideas is what drives breakthrough innovation.

Diversity creates equilibrium. Sensers are selected for their knowledge, professional skills or personal experience. We search for those who can bring inspiration and deep insight, and can help us reframe the question that we are exploring. If you feel drawn to a new project, simply tell us why; the more open, honest and articulate the better: tell it like it is.

As we learn, you will learn. We are open about the project challenges. Whether we are exploring TV programs, toilet cleaners, high fashion or pharmaceuticals, the most crucial component of working together is collaboration. We will explain the approach as we go on a journey of discovery together; and how we make the creative leaps to innovate. This is where the magic happens.

We trust the process to deliver successful outcomes for everyone involved. We design innovation activities for The Sense Network to be engaging and fun: we may ask you to reflect on day-to-day rituals, experience something that you have never done before or feedback on new product prototypes. The experience will be rewarding; creatively and financially.

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