Did you know the dictionary definition of ‘creativity’ is

Relating to or involving the use of the imagination or original ideas to create something.”

It’s something we’ve talking about a lot in HQ this week as we’ve been dissecting what creativity looks like across markets/brands/individuals. This week’s Nonsensical is no better illustration of how diversely ‘creativity’ can be applied to creating exceptional solutions to problems we may not even know we have.

Remember you don’t need to be artist or designer to explore your own creativity. Take the teams below that are redefining the future or death, creating intricate worlds on theatre stages, analysing wasted urban spaces taken up by cars or creating music that gives us chills…

future of death

All fascinating reads and the perfect brain food for your Wednesday lunch break… Just remember, creativity comes in all forms, how are you going to etch it into your day?

The Future Of Death

There’s a movement away from traditional burial and cremations with the rise of eco-alternatives… and in the US it’s all about alkaline hydrolysis, a biochemical process that turns turns our departed into liquid and pure white bone.

“Burial and cremation, the most common ways that bodies are processed after death, haven’t fundamentally changed in centuries…”

Watch the video below but do click on the article too, it’s morbid but fascinating.

It’s Just So Staged…

You may not get the time, or have the inclination, to nip down to the theatre to catch a show but you may change your mind after seeing the insane sets Bunny Christie concocts for shows such as Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime and more… She doesn’t just design stage sets. She creates worlds. 

Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime

How Special Is Your Brain?

Scientists have found that if music gives you goosebumps, your brain might be special… so we’re listening to Hans Zimmer all day and feeling pretty good about ourselves.

What the Street?

In Los Angeles car parking takes up 17,020,594 square meters of land. That’s a whole lotta land that could be used for something else… like, we don’t know, housing, ball pits, mini-golf, that kind of thing.

“At the moment, cars spend around 95% of the time parked, and only 5% of the time in use. Huge swaths of cities, either in parking lots, garages, or street parking spaces, are used as storage for cars (while, at the same time, many cities struggle to find enough land to build housing to keep up with demand). “There’s this huge space that’s basically wasted,” says MIT’s Michael Szell.”


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