The Art Of Imagination is a global creative experiment in collaboration with two international Sensers; Beirut-based artist and human-centred designer, Dima Boulad and London-based print master, plant lover and music enthusiast Yiğit Gürcihan.

Join us as we put our unique Creative Intelligence to the test.

This is experiment is now closed, as we work with Dima and Yiğit to choose the winning submission! Watch this space for the announcement in May.

By colliding the worlds of Dima’s art and Yiğit’s craft, we have created a set of unique creative elements to put your imagination to the test.

Think of these as a toolkit that has been designed to allow you to explore your own ability to understand, interpret and create with imagination, as we look to discover and compare the diverse creativity harnessed across the world.

Read on to find out how you can take part and be in with a chance of winning £150 (or local currency equivalent)!

How do I put my Creative Intelligence to the test and take part?

The Sense Network know that you are more than just your job title; you are the sum of your extraordinary parts. We want to explore how and what your unique mindsets, life experiences and interests can create through Sensers’ personal interpretations of Dima’s work.

You can see Dima’s set of creative elements above; her bright and bold shapes and icons form part of her unique signature…

…and this year she’s created a limited edition set for The Sense Network to play with and reimagine.

“This animation is based on my creative story. In the past I was someone who wanted to do it all, I would juggle many different creative pursuits all at once; however with time I’ve learned to become more selective with the projects I take on and more demanding of the quality my own work. This gif represents my journey in discovering that what to strategically turn down can more challenging than figuring out what to take on. I’m savouring this aspect of my creative life at the moment and this gif represents that transformation.” – Dima

Take the test…

Dima’s creative ‘toolkit’ has been deconstructed for all to play with by the print-master Yiğit, so no matter your skillset or background you can get involved. Whether you’re a digital designer or concert pianist, consultant or quantum physicist; simply request the toolkit below and we’ll send it to you directly via email / post.

The deadline for submissions is 31st March 2019, after which we will work with Dima and Yiğit to choose their favourite imaginative interpretation from the global entries. The winning submission will be awarded £150 (which we hope you’ll spend in the most imaginative way possible!).

How it works:

Step One:
Sign up up to take part and get your toolkit online here and request either a physical sticker pack via post or digital Adobe Illustrator files via email – whatever format you’re more comfortable working with.

Step Two:
Receive the toolkit and PLAY! There really are no rules… although if you need a bit of inspiration to get started Dima says, “use scale, repetition, transparency, movement, elements/creative tools from your own life. Interpret the shapes in a way that tell your own unique creative story”.

Step Three:
Either stick or save your final creation down. Next, submit your entry on Instagram by midnight 31st March 2019. Be sure to include:

  • The #TheArtOfImagination hashtag
  • A post description – tell us a story about your creation and creative process in the description of the post.
  • The @TheSenseNetwork account tag
  • NB: If you don’t have an Instagram account, please email your submission to with the details above and we will post it directly to our official channel.

Step Four:
Be sure that you’re registered as an official Senser here. Submissions from non-members will not be considered.

A bit about Dima:

Dima is designer who is moved by sunshine, colours, and positive social impact. Dima is a human centred designer with a curious mind and positive outlook. Dima is based in the Middle East from where she works with organisations and not-for-profits using design to help identify and solve complex problems.

Check out Dima’s website here.

A bit about Yigit:

Born and raised in Istanbul, 30 year old plant lover and music enthusiast Yigit is running a small printing business in East London and providing vinyl graphics and label solutions to various industries since late 2015. He still remains of the partners in the aviation business with his brother and l involves in overseas aviation livery projects.

Check out his Papa Display’s website here.

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