Five Retail Stores That You Will Want To Make The Trip For

Nike Store
With the rise of technology and demand for convenience, the popularity of online shopping is at an all time high. It really makes us wonder about the future of in-store retail experiences.

We’ve recently been talking to The Sense Network about what makes a retail experience worth the trip, and they have come back with some pretty amazing examples of brands that are elevating the humble retail store to a must-visit, immersive experience; something you just can’t get online. Here are a few of our favourites:

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Five Podcasts That Turn Our Commutes Into Thought-Provoking Experiences

Commute Podcasts
A hot topic here at Sense HQ is how much time we spend on our commute into work. And how easily it can turn into wasted, mind-numbing minutes. The conversation then turned to solving this waste of precious time and next thing you know, we were swapping podcast recommendations.  Here are some great suggestions from the team to try out on your commute.

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Five Ways We Are Continuing Our Journey To The Stars

Astronauts: Brains on zero gravity
Humankind has always had their faces turned towards the stars. The art of astrology has been floating around human culture since the Babylonians created the first astrological system in the 2nd millennium BC. The ancient Egyptians used their knowledge of astronomy to plan the construction of the Great Pyramids with impressive accuracy. Continue reading “Five Ways We Are Continuing Our Journey To The Stars”

Five Companies Poised To Tackle The Plastic Crisis

Tackling the plastic crisis
Plastic is the current super villain in the global sustainability war. And people are sitting up and starting to take action.

  • Just a few weeks ago, France announced plans to set penalties on products packaged in non-recyclable plastic – a huge move in the fight to reduce single use plastic
  • Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has pledged to eliminate all single-use plastic countrywide by 2022. This has been kicked off with an immediate ban in urban Delhi
  • Morocco was the second highest largest plastic bag consumer, behind the United States. Well, not anymore. The government has now banned plastic bags of all types, focusing not just on the use of plastic bags, but also the presence and productions of bags in Morocco

In the face of any great challenge, comes infinite opportunities for innovation to overcome it. Global sustainability and the ‘Plastic Crisis’ is no different. At the start of the year, we wrote about five amazing companies taking an innovative approach to waste. We thought it was time to revisit what the world has been doing to vanquish the plastic villian!

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