Alternative thinkers joined our latest Sense Virtual Meet-Up with Artist Simon Freund to exchange divergent perspectives and expand minds!

The Sense Virtual Meet-Ups are all about having open conversations to reflect on our varied yet collective experiences. We hope to create a space where you can connect with those from around the world to exchange stories, ideas and mind-expanding perspectives. We hope these meet-ups open your eyes to alternative perspectives ; and that you find the space safe and open enough to share…


Here are some of the highlights from conversations…

  • Voluntary homelessness: Simon shared his plans to voluntarily live with ‘no fixed abode’ from 2021; relieving him of monetary constraints & freeing him to focus on his art.

  • Alternative ways to live: We touched on people in the tech space who are experimenting with how technology could run our lives in a practical way.

  • Internet privacy: Jeff introduced his latest venture which aims to free users from an intrusive online ‘cookie culture’. Whilst simultaneously allowing those without a fixed abode to change what it means to ‘have an address’.

  • Art in many forms: We discussed how best to document art/experiences. What forms are most practical for sharing knowledge & what should the desired output of art be?

Here are some of the suggestions, references and links shared from you all:

We run our Virtual Meet-Up’s every month. Look out for the next one to connect with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own. And let amazing things happen when our worlds collide!
Jessica Senser Story

Jessica Gregson, Southwold

Jessica is an innovator, optimistic adventurer, self-professed music geek, gardener and water...

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Kamila Senser Story

Kamila Jasinska, Rzeszow

Kamila is an Outlier, a ballroom dancer, a bookworm, an adventure lover!  Hi Kamila! Introduce...

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Ari Joshi Senser Story

Ari Joshi, Berlin

Ari is an Outlier, a budding linguist, endlessly thrilled by the intricate puzzles of language and...

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Kelvin Senser Stories

Kelvyn Hallifax, Amsterdam

Kelvyn is a composer, musician, mentor and 'devil's advocate,' based in Amsterdam! Hi...

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Kate Monroe Senser Stories

Kate Monro, London

Kate is a Writer, Artist, Observer and Misfit based in London! Hi Kate! Tell us something others...

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Journal Senser Story

Journal Steward, Chicago

Journal Steward is a natural observer, curator of creative energy and beat maker from Chicago! ...

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