Purpose seekers joined our January Virtual Meet-Up with Author Charlotte Cramer to discuss how we might make our experiences of life richer, more positive and fulfilling!

The Sense Virtual Meet-Ups are all about having open conversations to reflect on our varied yet collective experiences. This month, we came to share our hopes for the future; ask ourselves what our collective purpose might be and talk about how we might strive for a better world, and most importantly thrive in the new year!


Thank you, Charlotte, for joining us to share your perspectives on The Purpose Myth and for starting the conversation about how we might diversify the avenues through which we derive meaning and purpose within our lives – outside of our job titles!


How might we make our experience of life richer, more positive and fulfilling? A key takeaway for us was to reconnect with the ‘connected universe’; whether that be with nature, our communities, ourselves and our inner voices. It’s all about gravitating to what we intuitively feel can make a positive impact on ourselves and the world around us!

Here are some of the suggestions, references and links shared from you all:


We run our Virtual Meet-Up’s every month. Look out for the next one to connect with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own. And let amazing things happen when our worlds collide!

Kelvyn Hallifax, Amsterdam

Kelvyn is a composer, musician, mentor and 'devil's advocate,' based in Amsterdam! Hi...

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Kate Monro, London

Kate is a Writer, Artist, Observer and Misfit based in London! Hi Kate! Tell us something others...

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Journal Steward Portrait

Journal Steward, Chicago

Journal Steward is a natural observer, curator of creative energy and beat maker from Chicago! ...

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Susan Moon

Susan Moon, Brooklyn NY

Susan is a Moon Gazer, Poet and Semiotician based in Brooklyn, New York! Introduce yourself in...

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Sabrina portrait

Sabrina Garcia, Fresno CA

Sabrina is a Curious Lifestyle Pilot, Health & Fitness Wiz and an Advanced Practice Nurse based...

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Sophie Lee Portrait

Sophie Lee, Los Angeles

Sophie is an 'Alchemist,' Creative Director and Personal Coach based in Los Angeles. Say...

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