Hyperosmiacs, rural urbanites, people & planet lovers from around the world came together in our Sense Virtual Meet-Up to share their hopes and visions for the future.

By Rakshita Arvind

We recently ran our second round of the Sense Virtual Meet-Ups. In these meet-ups, we hope toget a sense of what people from around the world are thinking, feeling and doing.

“It was fun… so curious to learn from and see what others are up to in different parts of the world.” – Jeffrey

Our biggest take out was the importance of being human and forming meaningful connections – and through this being able to open up a space to discuss our hopes, dreams, fears and visions for the future. It was wonderful to meet and get to know all of those who joined in:

  • Jeffrey – Hyperosmiac Mountain Biker
  • Stephen – Rural Urbanite
  • Rachel – Ikigai
  • Sharon – Curious
  • Klaudia – Dancer, People Lover
  • Amit – Pro Planet
  • Anthony – Constantly Missing Sports
  • Rakshita – Flaneur

Here are some of the highlights from our conversations…

  • Practicing mindfulness and Ikigai – taking time to maintain balance in our lives; reflect on our purpose and meaning.
  • ‘Rural Urbanites’ – Speaking of balance, many of us are looking for the balance between spending time in nature, fresh air, rural blue skies and the hustle and bustle of busy urban city life.
  • Mindful consumption; for sometime now there has been a growing desire to shop and support local, artisan and community-led businesses – how might we ensure they survive and thrive through the lockdowns, closures and continue to do so after as well?
  • We have all taken time to reflect on what is essential and meaningful to our own lives as well as the planet; there is a sense of determination to contribute to and work towards creating a better world for us all.
  • Accessing wellness: conversations around wellness and mental health have also pulled the curtain back on those who are able and those who aren’t able to access tools to improve their overall wellness. How might we ensure the most vulnerable among us in society are able to access tools to improve their health and wellness?
  • We’re finally, globally, having the much needed conversation on the issue of “People vs. Profit” – that was previously much harder to have.
  • We are currently living through a period of transition; whether that be individually in our work, in our personal lives or as a whole in our local communities, and global societies.
  • Globalisation is about forming human connections – focussing on how we can collectively share ideas, thoughts and create change.
  • It’s not just about overcoming the current crisis, but also talking about the issues that have existed before and have only been magnified in the current situation. There is no going back to ‘normal’ but moving into a new phase.
  • Big dreams and cautious optimism: here is to hoping we are going to create a future where all of our dreams, passions and hopes can be realised.

Here are some of the suggestions, references and links shared:

  • Amit has shared a link to the space, Edusoil, that promotes change by being mindful and doing yoga.
  • Jeffrey’s book suggestions: read Sapiens and Homo Deus.

Finally, if you’d like to join us for the next Sense Virtual Meet-Up, sign up hereYou can expect to connect with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own, exchange stories, share tips on working from home, broaden your horizons and expand your mind. Let amazing things happen when our worlds collide.


Virtual Meetup April 2020
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