Sensers from around the world came together in our first ever Sense Virtual Meet-Up; it was a space to reflect, re-think and share our visions for the future in these strange times…

By Rakshita Arvind

Born out of the frustration of self-isolation, The Sense Network organised its first virtual meet-up to ‘socialise, despite social distancing.’ We were each teleported across different cities through Zoom to share in the kindness, resilience and meaningful conversation.

“I was teleported out of my home and forgot I was self isolating for the hour and a half! I really enjoyed it.” – Jacqueline, Cookham.

To all those that joined, we hope the evening felt as purposeful to you as it did to us in these strange times; and that you found yourself in a space that felt safe and open to share.

Our biggest takeout on the night was that, for many of us, it offered a space for reflection during an uncertain time. It gave us a sense of how we are all feeling, what we are preoccupied with and our thoughts and hopes for the future.

Here are some of the highlights from our conversations…

  • “It feels as though the universe has just reset on us” – It is a time for us to step back and reflect and rethink our purpose and the ways in which we inhabit the planet.
  • It is a time for uncertainty, there is a push towards feeling positive and optimistic. Even if it might be difficult to constantly remain so. And that is okay.
  • We might be physically isolated. But we are reaching out for more connection now than we ever have!
  • Kindness and empathy above all! 
  • Productivity: we have been given the gift of time. How do we make the most of it?
  • We are all re-evaluating our priorities. What are the most basic things we need to live?
  • We have started to be more conscious of our practices, trying to live sustainably, now that we are so much more aware of the interconnectedness of our world.
  • And of course, Teleportation! What does the future of travel look like? Would it be painful? Are we still the same person if all of our molecules have been completely replaced? Is Zoom itself a teleportation device in some way?
  • Our worlds have become bigger and smaller at the same time. While our immediate surroundings are getting smaller. We are now being instantly transported into each other’s spaces and able to connect globally. We are more conscious of what is happening in countries across the world – whether that be in India, USA, UK or Slovakia – and are more determined than ever to look outward and problem-solve together.

Suggestions and links shared…


Finally, if you’d like to join us for the next Sense Virtual Meet-Up, sign up here!

You can expect to connect with like-minded people from worlds unlike your own, exchange stories, share tips on working from home, broaden your horizons and expand your mind. Let amazing things happen when our worlds collide.


Virtual Meetup March 2020
Virtual Meetup March 2020
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