The first Sense Supper Club in Mexico City gathered like-minded people from different backgrounds and fields to share their projects, side-hustles and to speak their minds about on culture, consumption, sustainability and social innovation.

By Rodrigo Herrera, Senser Host

It is impossible to ignore to the weather if you live in Mexico City; it may switch from winter to summer, to a thunderstorm in the same day! Recently, we have had lot of hail (it messes the city up and makes everybody really crabby). This why, as trivial as it sounds, weather was our starting point that naturally lead the conversation to climate change.

Moving deep into our conversation and experiences, I discovered several takeaways and challenged my preconceptions around the future of work (and the new economies based on services), the influence of our parents in our feeding habits, the difference between interpreting and translating, and the reality of people living with a hearing impairment.

Meet the table

  • Rodrigo Herrera – Marketer & Equality Campaigner
  • Marilaura Lopez – Making Music Accessible For Hearing Loss
  • Iris Carolina Garcia Lugo – Children’s Cook
  • Adriana Lopez Marroquin – Street Art Lover & Entrepreneur
  • Mariana Gabriela Hernandez Carranza – Interior & Lighting Designer
  • Javier Barriopedro – Writer & Translator
  • Clarisa Segura – Industrial Engineer & Travelling Lover
  • Sofia Hernandez Montero – Market Research & Hobbyist
  • Alejandra García – Global Language Lover
  • Paola Reyes – Business Editor & Yoga Lover

Check out our Instagram story of the evening, and meet all the guests, here.

What I found in common about the people gathered at the table was their self-awareness. We all wanted to learn, share, build and buy better; we also want to be better people. We are interested in how people are solving paradigms like pollution and consumerism, and while we praise the companies and brands that take a step forward to sustainability, we also question the double standard or superficiality of their involvement; we were all linked in some way or another.

Here are some references and take aways from the evening:

  • There is a lot going on about sustainability but not a lot for climate change. There are very few companies that account for most of the plastic pollution of the ocean, for example. We tend to satanise the plastic, but talk very little about changing our everyday actions.
  • Here’s a great article on 9 companies recycling PET for products
  • Eliminating junk food should be the priority for school (public and private); Mexico has the world’s worst rates of childhood obesity. We are not taught to eat, children get their habits from parents. She doesn’t eat fish because at their house they never cooked it.
  • The awesome and festive props for music festival by Adriana!
  • The realities of people living with a hearing impairment: Marilaura told us about how children with a hearing impairment are often diagnosed incorrectly. For example it can be mistaken for autism because of the signs and traits shown at early age. From the moment a person starts losing their hearing, to the moment they are correctly diagnosed, 10 years may have passed!
  • Talk of the town… masculinities: In some cases, the strong bond that can be created between fathers and daughters can have a counterpart manifesting as a distant relation between the father and his son.

If you’d like to join us around the table, register to attend in your city here.

You can read about the conversations around the table in Barcelona here.

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