We recently collided liked-minded people from worlds unlike one another in our Berlin Sense Supper Club, co-hosted by Susie and Alex! Read on to find out how culture hunters, healers, electro nerds and more came together to share their transformative experiences, interests and passions.

By Susie, Senser & Co-host

Meet the table

  • Susie – Pretty Deadly Podcaster
  • Fanette – Creator & Food Keeper
  • Samar – Dancer & Healer
  • Nathan – Foodie Engineer
  • Amber – Volunteer, Ballet Lover & Dog Owner
  • Walker – Visual Artist & Brewery Manager
  • Alex – Culture Hunter & Design Obsessive
  • Katja – System Changer & Provocateur
  • Diana – Electro Nerd & Open Innovator

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Here are some of the exciting moments of transition & highlights that took place around the table on the night:

  • Experimenting with the perception of taste and flavour: Walker just opened his own Kombucha brewery, called Bouche. And he has an upcoming exhibition is at Achenbach Hagemeier Galerie.
  • I served up Neo Expressionism as an amuse-bouche, giving us a quick overview a topic I regularly visit on my art podcast Artipoeus: art you can hear.
  • Nourishing the soul through food: Vegan cheese and excellent vegetarian spots around Berlin (and beyond) were shared by Fanette and Diana. Both women shared interests in veganism, sustainability and stewardship, and discussed how nutrition can be supportive of the holistic whole. Fanette also explores this work with her blog The Food Keeper.
  • Dance and body movement as a meditative practice. Samar introduced her approach to dance as one of the ways she helps people through self-discovery and healing. Check out Samar’s practice here. For Londoners, she suggested taking a look at 5Rythms’ Thursday Waves with Jason Rowe.
  • Saving the world through innovative thinking: Nathan’s studies as an engineer encompass his curiosity about how things are done. That includes how food is produced, products are distributed, and how things are made. How can we make them better, longer-lasting, and more ecologically friendly for a sustainable future… these are all questions he’s always asking himself. Katja also takes sustainability one step further and adds the important ingredient of empathy to help build a world that nurtures all life.
  • And speaking of transition, Amber is transitioning into a new field for her career that is all about the most profound transition of all: she is exploring the world of palliative care and hospice work, helping people and their loved ones in their final transition of life. She shared a beautiful, moving look into her work and what she is discovering there.

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