Sandra Julve; a Saragossa-based contemporary storyteller and visual poet.

Sandra (credit: Carlos Canales Ciudad)

Say Hi!

Since I was a child I had a strong character… I was quite eccentric and different to other kids. Curious about everything, always asking around: WHY?

Luckily, my mum feed my hunger of discover and imagination. She would give me responsibilities and complete freedom. She taught me empathy, awareness and respect; so no rules would be needed. Instead of punishment there was always understanding.

Sandra is obsessed with detail in her work

It’s difficult to deal with a hyperactive child, and I got placed in many after-school activities; from music to chess, languages, football to theatre. The weekends would then be see us do things like collect herbs and make soap… This might explain the importance to me of stimulating every sense, and the reason for my obsession with detail. But, I must confess that I’m mainly kinetic and secretly keep conversations with the material. Thanks to this, I am what I am today, this is root that lies behind my free will, regardless whatever everyone else says.

Show us your work or passion?

My passion is exploration, but my work swings between the fields of installation, wearable art and performance. They are all tools in which I support myself to create narratives. These fields are interrelated through the concept of the body, which is nothing more than a live sculpture in movement with sensory perception in the shared space.

My inspiration springs from reverie, surrealism and unconsciousness. Capable of bewitching the wearer and making them an active participant in live performance. In my vision people are functional forms to hang elements in order to create movement beyond our appendages. By stimulating the senses, I create narratives where space and time merge and there is only the moment, the now. In a scenario where the self allows itself to accept the subjective interpretation of layers of reality.

The interaction starting from the matter, the game, is therefore the driving element of the reflection, the work, and the representation of a mental process of transformation.

Give us a peek into your favourite working spot/environment.

Work process is made up of expansive spirals. That requires perseverance and flexibility.

I’m not particularly fond of routines everyday, which have their owns needs and rhythms. Knowing how to adapt to them, not losing sight and recognizing when makes sense either stopping or continuing is key. To me, organization is important, but adaptability is essential. Harmony, space, light and plants are mandatory. Everywhere I go, I rescue plants which are dying and bring them back to life – usually by taking them home or taking a small part of the plant home with me, which I then put in water and when it roots, in soil.

Sandra’s work by night

Daily, I feed myself with information, then a vision comes and the emotion with it and finally the starting point of creation and vision evolves.
I definitely adapt to the resources that surround me. Technique is a tool to materialize an idea and, depending on the environment, new possibilities will arise – one can discover the freedom in limitations.

Notes from Sandra’s friends help her creative process

My inspiration arrives in unexpected moments, in chaos. Suddenly, there’s a click that connects all the ideas. It can occur walking around, looking at the void behind the window, in dance class or in a chat. Probably, when my brain digests, processes and makes all generating the generating impulses that come from the subconscious, conscious.

Who’s joined you / helped you on your creative journey?

“My friends are like pillars”

My biggest source of inspiration is the people who has cross my path, all of them I have learnt something from; the good and the bad. All of them have inspired me and made me grow. Of course there are so many artists, writers, scientists who inspired me and to many of them were shown to me by my friends and their recommendations. It’s something to acknowledge. They inspired me with their experiences, opinions, interests, cultures. They let me know that I create my own luck and have to work on my venture daily. These are people who are not ashamed to be vulnerable, who overcame their own troubles.

I am especially thankful to my best friend who gave me the impulse and tools be able to leave my comfort zone; to find my own way.

Where are you ‘from’?

Enjoying a nomadic life, I never felt rooted to anywhere and at the same time. Everywhere is home. Always ready and excited to go, I discover and create my own customised world, submerging and merging with the environment and its people.

Galleria Faustino in Saragossa

Right now, in Saragossa, its inhabitants are humble, relaxed, open-minded, with a great sense of humor. They are always willing to share a thought, to listen, to welcome… I love its inter-culturality and grey beauty, the sound of the wind which takes out all the clouds and paint infinite blue skies. Its randomness, unexpected and surreal, it’s always waiting for you around the next corner.

Can you tell us something that you love about it?

The best vermouth in town at El Gallo

How does your area inspire your work?

Mudejar design in Spain

The constant sound of the wind, Sephardic architecture, Mudejar art and Mozarabic culture. The surrounding landscapes, both northern mountains and the caves of the south. The sound of the melting waters, the migrating cranes, the food quality, the taste of the fruits and vegetables. The land has a lot of mineral, and sun.

And lastly, a Quick Fire…

Do you have a side hustle/project that you’re passionate about and that is not written above? If so what is it?

At the moment, I am experimenting with natural a dye process for fabrics and working on a digital theatre piece.

Do you have any advice for someone working in the same sector / interest as you hoping to make it?

Never stop learning. Follow your gut and be yourself, open your mind, listen and cultivate critical thinking.

A must read:
The Aedena Cycle by Jean “Moebious”Giraud

The Aedena Cycle by Jean “Moebious”Giraud

A must listen:
Susumu Yokota – Acid Mt. Fuji

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