The Internet of Things Opportunity Map

Vodaphone Internet of Things
Sense Worldwide Workshop


Internet Of Things


// Elevator pitch:

Tapping the knowledge and expertise of The Sense Network, Sense Worldwide helped to understand and bring to life the new emergent technologies and commercial opportunities that were culminating with The Internet of Things.


// Client need:

Vodafone needed to build knowledge and expertise for the next big thing in mobile telecommunications. Having had great success with mobile banking in sub-Saharan Africa, the company had yet to form a unified strategic perspective around emerging technologies for the Internet of Things.


// SWW solution:

Sense Worldwide investigated the Internet of Things; collaborating with leading edge entrepreneurs, thinkers and consumers in The Sense Network from Silicon Valley to Cameroon. We immersed senior Vodafone stakeholders in a world of new opportunities to expand the scope of the business the funding of new technologies and supplying SIM cards for data.


// Added value:

The information uncovered by Sense Worldwide was nascent. Much of the commentary provided was unavailable from any other source, providing a unique and privileged perspective to leadership team.