Launching Vodafone 360

Vodaphone Internet of Things


Vodafone Service Design Beta Sprints

// Elevator Pitch:

SWW built a beta council of 30 early adopters to help Vodafone develop new innovation services and establish co-creation best practice within the organisation.


// Client need:

Vodafone understood their progressive mobile-driven audience, and that the success of future services would be driven by their adoption and advocacy. What better way of baking in success than by collaborating with their early adopters to develop new product and service experiences.


// SWW solution:

Thirty ‘progressives’ were recruited from the Sense Network to co-design a range of future products and services. Over a period of 6 weeks a series of workshops and online tasks were run to test, learn and refine ideas.


// Added value:

Sense Worldwide helped Vodafone develop innovative product concepts and also played a key role in embedding user experience co-design principles throughout Vodafone. These now serve as the basis of a new internal vocabulary and body of knowledge to align discussions and inspire co-creation around consumer needs.

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