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TOMS Private Equity Due Diligence

// Elevator pitch: TOMS shoes was seeking investment. A Boston based Private Equity firm called on Sense Worldwide to better understand the consumer growth opportunity and underlying brand equity.


// Client need: In a very restricted time frame, before bidding for a stake in TOMS, the private equity firm needed to take a view on the brand’s equity and predicted growth across the globe.


// SWW solution: The first test was a Sense Check with The Sense Network to assess the level of brand heat TOMS was generating around the world, as well as the potential opportunities for the brand to stretch and grow.


// Added value: The Sense Check provided fast qualitative feedback on consumer sentiment around the world which, in turn, opened up more pertinent questions about the brand equity. The big takeaway was that the people who actually buy the shoes were not the same people that advocated the one for one model created by founder Blake Mycoskie.

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