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Tokyo: An Immersion Into The Future Of Vending


// Elevator Pitch

Sense Worldwide were called on by a global refreshment brands’ equipment innovation team this Autumn. They need visibility on current and future facing vending innovations, emerging food trends and cashless tech. We liaised with a local Sense Network member to help their vending innovation team gather inspiration and assess opportunities whilst on the ground in Tokyo.

// Client Need

Tokyo – a city world renowned for vending innovation and cutting-edge technology. But where to start? With only two days in-field and no previous trips to Tokyo, the team needed reliable, on-the-ground expertise to guide their itinerary and maximise learnings during this short trip.

// SWW Solution

We designed a one-day tour of key sites which showcased cutting-edge tech, vending innovations and local food trends. Each step of the itinerary was carefully selected in collaboration with a local member of The Sense Network who met with the team whilst in-field.

// Added Value

Connecting with locals during your trip means your team gets first-hand cultural intelligence whilst in-field. The most precious commodity whilst in field? Time. An expertly planned itinerary delivers optimum learnings with minimum risk for your team.

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