Shaping the future of sound


Shaping the future of sound


// Words from our client:

“The Sonos Consumer Council ushered in a new era of consumer-centered listening for cross-functional teams at Sonos … more agile, more collaborative, and ultimately more impactful.  The Sense Worldwide team are trusted partners on our journey to deeper audience understanding and empathic immersion.”

Director of Global Consumer Insight


// Elevator Pitch:

Sonos are creating the world’s most innovative marketing function. Putting the consumer at the heart of the business is a critical step towards achieving this. In partnership with Sense Worldwide, Sonos have developed a global, collaborative community of modern music lovers to help inspire, test and refine new communications concepts and campaigns.


// Client need:

Sonos was founded on audio engineering excellence. Success was driven by design. Future growth requires the business to have a more holistic view of their consumer’s needs, attitudes and lifestyles to inform and inspire future communication concepts.


// SWW solution:

Sense Worldwide manages a global network of 40 design loving music fans across 9 countries. These people share stories about their lives and regularly collaborate with the Sonos team to help shape future brand activation, customer experience, product marketing and PR.


// Added value:

Contemporary, design literate consumers are a moving target. This highly motivated community keeps Sonos abreast of global culture. With their input, business activities across the group remain consistently relevant and meaningful to the mainstream target. Collaboration activities fast-track the creative process, builds empathy for the consumer and ultimately confidence in new ideas.

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