Redefining Sexy

Old World Sexy
Reclaiming Sexy
New World Order
New World Sexy

We worked with a global ad agency to inject inspiring creative intelligence into the beginning of their campaign development.

We were approached by a global advertising agency to bring in a fresh perspective and help them refine two new brand propositions for world renowned cereal brand.

The brand suffered from a latent consumer association with diets and weight loss. However with a new nutritional focus, the brand needed to expand and re-engage with their audience with a relevant and exciting ad campaign that resonated and empowered them.

The agency team already had a few hunches on where they wanted to take the creative, but need inspiration and validation that their early stage ideas were going to hit the mark.

Enter The Sense Network:
Masters Of Ambiguity

Working with experienced ‘Sensers’ from all over the world, we challenged two select groups to help us bring to life the agency’s abstract hunches. Can the brand ‘Reclaim Sexy’? What does it mean to ‘Get Your Glow’?

Recruiting for diverse backgrounds, experiences and skill-sets; each of the Sensers had unique and rich stories to tell that helped us add colour to the brand propositions.

A mormon born belly dancer, an author on virginity, a body image psychologist and an actress all helped us better understand the shifting concepts of what is means to be sexy and how they see this changing in the future.

An 80s rave dad, a journalist with diabetes, a hand model and a specialist in edible cosmetics all gave their insightful reflections on what it truly means to glow inside and out.

What we achieved?

“This is fricking awesome! Exactly what we are after! Thank you for such a quick turnaround and for such brilliant outputs. This is an excellent piece of work.”
Head of Strategy – Managing Partner

Over two weeks we worked with the Sensers to deliver a succinct book of insights for the agency’s team to digest and reflect upon. Key insights and Senser commentary helped the team dig deeper into the two propositions and choose the richest and most powerful territory to take forward to their client.

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