Almond Oil

Positioning And Naming A New Healthy Oil

Almond Oil
Almond Oil

We worked with the Almond People to name and position their new Almond Oil brand

Our client has a number of amazing almond products. They’re based in northern California and are the largest almond growing cooperative in the world. They need to make sure they ship all the almonds they grow; their growers rely on the cooperative for their livelihoods.

One way they plan on doing this is to create more almond-based products that more consumers would love to buy.

The almond is a hugely versatile food. As they have developed new consumer products, the oil is a natural byproduct of the production process. They realised that almond oil presented them with a fertile opportunity to grow the business in the healthy cooking category. The challenge was, how could this new almond oil be positioned, what should it be called and how could it be talked about to best effect? How could these be applied to a future range of healthy almond oils, fats and spreads?

We Collaborated. We Inspired. We Validated

Sense Worldwide designed an iterative two-phase engagement spanning North America and Australia. First, in Phase One, we collaborated with 5 health and wellbeing experts and 20 members of The Sense Network to deconstruct the healthy cooking category and understand where this new almond oil could play. We generated over 80 hours of creative intelligence, 4 communications territories and 135 name ideas.

In Phase Two, we took the insight from the collaborative Phase One activities to provide a robust foundation for testing the names and validating the communications. 21 names were shortlisted, a handful of strong contenders rose to the top. 35 claims and benefits were approved for testing, two leading communications territories were identified and a validated hierarchy of claims and benefits emerged.


Building A Strong Foundation For The Brand

The first phase was all about going wide to learn about the category and generate lots of new ideas. The second phase was all about honing in to test what we learned and provide a robust foundation to make decisions for the business.

Our client now have the insight and data they need to launch their new almond oil with the confidence that they will be able to communicate its most important strengths in a way that resonates most strongly with consumers.