The SQUAD Consumer Council


Shaping the Future of Football


// Words from our client:

“We’re starting to change the way people think… everyone is keen to incorporate SQUAD into their thinking.” – Global Creative Director, Nike Football


// Elevator Pitch:

Nike’s global soccer business needed an unfair competitive advantage. To get ahead and stay ahead of the game The SQUAD was created: a global community of Football Obsessed Teens. On a rolling basis, 110 teens from 10 countries collaborated with Nike’s global product and marketing team to help shape the future of football.


// Client need:

Nike has a maxim that every consumer business should adopt: ‘let the consumer decide’. The global creative team wanted to understand and anticipate the future consumer needs within the category and create a deep understanding and empathy for its core consumer, the Football Obsessed Teen.


// SWW solution:

Sense Worldwide created ‘SQUADS’ of ten players in Rio, Paris, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Mexico City, Milan, New York, Barcelona and Tokyo. We facilitated immersive, creative conversations and activities, online and offline. We appointed a group of ‘Squad Captains’ in each city to provide cultural commentary and context, translation support, and a liaison for local Nike teams.


// Added value:

The SQUAD quickly became the go-to source for inspiration and insight. Once a  foundational understanding of the Football Obsessed Teen values, attitudes and lifestyles was established, the Nike team quickly realised that they had built a unique resource for beta-testing prototypes and receiving rapid, frank feedback on new communication ideas. The benefit of this being that ideas are more inspirational, credible and culturally distinct.

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