Gourmet Crafted Almonds

Blue Diamond Crafted Gourmet Almonds

Gourmet Crafted Almonds
Crafted Snack Almonds | Blue Diamond

We collaborated with The Sense Network to generate the name of a new premium snack

// Elevator Pitch:

Blue Diamond are big in nuts but relatively small in the wider snacking category. One avenue of growth for the business was developing a new premium snack almonds range, and they needed a new sub brand and product name for their initial product offering. That’s where we came in.

Over the course of one month we worked with members of The Sense Network to apply over 100 hours of their collective intelligence to the task at hand. The bespoke process generated over 600 names and we tested the final 9 name combinations with 600 North American consumers to settle on the most enticing name pairing possible; Crafted Gourmet Almonds.

// Client need:

In 2017 Blue Diamond was looking to enter the premium snack space with a range of artisanal flavored snack nuts. Needing a new sub brand and product name for this range that not only romanced their consumer, but was also distinctive and conveyed their ‘premium’ offering, they approached Sense Worldwide to help generate a successful name combination.

// SWW solution:

We knew that consumers’ consideration of premium products is complex and conflicted process. On the one hand premium is considered an unnecessary excess. On the other it’s an aspiration to something better.

We tasked 20 global members of The Sense Network to explore the conflict between the two through a six stage process. First we challenged them with the ideation and generation of 600+ names, moving next to iteration and refinement of the highest ranked 100. The result was nine finely tuned, leading combinations. We finally validated this selection with 600 North American consumers to ensure the strongest combination and packaging preference was selected for the final product range.

We’re very proud to announce that the results can now be seen in stores in the US as the four delicious flavors of Crafted Gourmet Almonds!

// Added value:

The fast, articulate, insightful and inspirational feedback from The Sense Network went above and beyond the brief. The additional flavor combinations suggested by the 20 members ended up challenging our perception of was constitutes ‘premium’ and as a result the initial four flavors were adapted pre-launch to include some of the recommendations from our study*.


*You have to try the Black Truffle flavor. They will blow your mind.

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