LOVLOS: An Evening Of Brand Definition

// Words from our client:

“The amazing thing for me was that it pushed our thinking. Having The Sense Network join us for an evening at Snaps+Rye was almost like having a client that we were designing for right there with us – it helped us to focus a lot more. There was a danger if I’d been asked to analyse our brand identity by myself I would over think it all completely. The Sense Network really helped to keep it real!”

Kell Scott, Founder


// Elevator Pitch:

LOVLOS is a premium Danish snaps brand and the brainchild of Snaps + Rye founders (and Sense Network members), Kell and Jacqueline Skott.

With the storming success of their Snaps + Rye restaurant on Golborne Rd (Top 100 Restaurants in London), Kell and Jacqueline set their sights on the world of spirits with their new brand LOVLOS (pronounced lawless).

Having spent the last year crafting their first product to precision (they even made their own smoker!), they needed help defining their flagship Smoked Rye Snaps’ visual identity. That’s where The Sense Network came in.

Over a beautiful dinner with great company, snaps tasting and Danish food pairings, we were able to fully immerse ourselves in the world of LOVLOS and helped stretch, challenge and build the brand identity with a group of fresh eyes and intelligent perspectives.


// Client need:

LOVLOS had a head start. Their packaging already looked great. However, as with most  entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey, Kell and Jacqueline were completely immersed in every area of their brand. They needed a fresh set of eyes to stretch, challenge and build on their concepts. They needed unbiased and constructive advice to confidently move forward and launch their product.


// SWW solution:

We took a two-phased approach to deliver focussed, actionable insights for LOVLOS.

A network shout-out provided feedback on existing design, packaging and the overall concept. A call-to-action for design savvy, beverage aficionados garnered feedback from 20 Sensers across 15 countries including; Melbourne, Stockholm, New York, Paris, Moscow, Helsinki, London and Tokyo.

The second phase drilled further into key feedback face-to-face. We invited select London members of The Sense Network to join us and the Skotts for an evening of snaps tasting and Danish food pairings; all topped off with an introduction to the LOVLOS brand and an informal group discussion around the likes, dislikes and the opportunities spotted throughout the evening.

The night was not only a great dive into the world of Danish culture (we’re still reeling from the pickled herrings and delicious rye bread) but it fundamentally helped changed the course of the brand design development. From adding a seal, changing the messaging hierarchies and sketching the smoker on-pack, to builds around brand storytelling and pricing – our Network members really did push the brand so its best foot is forward for launch in 2018.


// Added value:

Why stop at the flagship Smoked Rye Snaps?! Our Network’s feedback have ensured the branding is now not only beautiful and impactful, but also future proofed for the next products in their pipeline. Cucumber snaps anyone?

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